Some of the smartest investors I know are slowly filling their portfolios with cryptocurrencies other than the traditional Bitcoin and Ethereum. And they’ve turned their eyes to low-cap crypto gems.

Everyone is all for the big-risk, big-gain game. But low-cap cryptocurrencies have the potential to realize your crypto dreams. These gems are low-risk and offer a good entry point. In this video, I’ll show you three low-cap crypto gems worth holding.

1) Lukso

The first on our list today is Lukso. And if you’ve been following our content, you’ll know we are big fans of this project. Lukso is a blockchain and metaverse building a new creative economy. It achieves this by introducing:

  • Decentralized applications.
  • Tokenized assets.
  • Digital identities for creative professionals, designers, and artists.

Picture this project as a multiverse blockchain network. The truth is, we need this sort of project because Lukso will provide a platform where many things come together. This includes Fashion, Gaming, Design, Social media, and Privacy. So, Lukso has what it takes to attract millions of users.

The LYXE is the native token of the Lukso platform. It powers a variety of network transactions and functions. LYXE also grants its holders access to Lukso’s governance and other services on the network. Lukso showed great potential during the 2020–21 bull run, which saw the price of the LYXE token increase by almost 8,000%. That was a terrific start.

One of the reasons for that price surge was that the crypto community realized that Lukso’s founder, Fabian Vogelsteller, was an early Ethereum contributor and was the driving force behind ERC-20. This shows that Lukso isn’t a project run by an inexperienced team.

Why are we Bullish on Lukso?

The answer is simple. Lukso has really cool use cases. Lukso is working to solve two major real-world problems.

  • Digital Identity.
  • Transparent Provenance.

Provenance is a term that’s become popular in crypto lately. It’s like proof of ownership. And most countries require it as proof of property ownership. It also comes in handy in the art industry to prevent forgeries.

Lukso recently launched its mainnet. But it has made huge achievements towards solving these problems. In our recent video, we listed Lukso as one of the projects we believe can do 30x. So, we could see this project climb to around $3.5 billion if it hit the jackpot.

2) Morpheus Network

The supply chain market is a huge ecosystem. Although COVID brought some setbacks, projects like Morpheus are addressing those challenges. So, Morpheus is simply a supply chain middleware solution for companies and corporations.

It offers the unique ability to build upon the technologies already used in the supply chain sector. Additionally, it seeks to close the gap between the client and the product. So, it can reduce costs associated with the supply chain.

Morpheus is, to put it simply, addressing inefficiencies in international trade. This project’s objective is to automate and improve supply chain operations using a worldwide settlement alternative. Morpheus takes a compliance-oriented stance. Additionally, it makes use of RFID and the Internet of Things.

RFID enables the tracking of tags attached to products. The Internet of Things enables communication and data exchange between other systems. So, we added Morpheus to our list of early gem cryptocurrencies. So far, Morpheus has captured the attention of brands like Coca-Cola, and nations like Argentina. So there’s serious potential with this project.

Morpheus also features automated smart contracts for quick payments. Legacy projects are already building on the Morpheus network. For example, Morpheus is already integrated with:

  • Ripple.
  • AccessPay.
  • SWIFT.
  • Salesforce.
  • Stellar.
  • Oracle.
  • DHL.
  • FEDex.

Morpheus has a promising future as it solves a tangible real-world problem. Statistics show that the supply chain still uses 28.5 billion paper documents annually. This demonstrates that the supply chain is not very automated yet. But Morpheus proposes a faster solution, leveraging blockchain technology.

Morpheus also has a fraud handling system. People can track their products and ensure trust in transactions. Once the bull market begins, we could see Morpheus surpass its current all-time high.

3) ImmutableX

This project isn’t exactly low-cap. But it’s a gem we want you to get your hands on because it has great potential. So, ImmutableX is a big shot in blockchain gaming. It has already partnered with Polygon to develop Web3 games.

We’ve anticipated a resurgence in the NFT and gaming sectors. And if that happens, IMX, ImmutableX’s token, will see a huge price boost. So, it makes sense to get onboard now that it trades at $0.534174.

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