100X 200X Crypto Gems for the coming bull run. These explosive gains can only and only be found in the microcap cryptos. But in this article, I am not at all talking about 100X or 200X gains. Because the higher the profit, the higher the risk. 

So instead, I am talking about 3 microcaps Altcoin Gems that hold huge potential and lesser risk.  This is not the first time I am talking about these 3 projects but in the crypto space, it is crucial to stay updated on how a project is performing. Especially right before the bullrun!

1) Oraichain (ORAI)

The first microcap gem on my list today is Oraichain in the artificial intelligence category.  I will explain this project in the simplest possible way in a while. Before that, let’s quickly look at its last bullrun performance. 

On Feb 19th, 2021, the ORAI token was trading at $105, and at present it’s trading at a little over $2. Yes, that’s a massive 97% discount from its last bullrun. So, why do I think that Oraichain has potential now? It’s simple. The demand for AI-powered solutions is rapidly growing, and blockchain technology provides the security and transparency needed to unlock the full potential of AI. Oraichain bridges these two technologies.

Basically, OraiChain is an Oracle platform. It connects AI with smart contracts. If you take a closer look, the tokenomics are even more bullish. With a Marketcap of $30.3 million and a circulating supply of 14.1 million out of a Total supply of 17 million, the token has a massive upside potential.

2) Lossless (LSS)

LSS is the token of project Lossless. It is one altcoin gems with the potential to give you 60x on your investment. But what’s the big deal about this crypto? Lossless offers more than a regular crypto token. 

Security is such a big challenge in the market now. And DeFi protocols are huge targets. Investors are losing money. Lossless aims to help its users mitigate fraud. That means $100 could become $6000 with that kind of return. Lossless can detect hacks and bots. And in case of a fraudulent transaction, it will reverse the transfer. 

So, the stolen crypto gets back to its owner. That’s pretty solid, isn’t it? A couple of days back Lossless detected an airdrop scam for Lensprotocol. If are interested in knowing how Lossless uses Ageis to detect the hack check out this article. I will leave the link in the description too. It is interesting to note that Lossless token LSS has multiple use cases, such as:

  • Staking.
  • Payment of fees.
  • Participation in voting.
  • As a reward for users who detect fraud.

LSS currently trades at $0.102. It has a market cap of $6,3 million with a circulating supply of 61.5 million and a total supply of 100,000,000 LSS coins. LSS peaked at $2.40 on October 20, 2021. At the moment it is trading at 96% discounted price. Lossless uses its community and technology to spot hacks. So, users who spot hacks will receive a reward in LSS tokens. 

Why Should You Care about Lossless?

Security platforms will be in high demand in the coming months. And Lossless is well-positioned to attract investors. So, how investors and users react to Lossless’s offerings is crucial. It will decide the LSS price movement. 

Rewarding users who spot hacks is a good strategy for growth. Community members will try to make the platform better to earn more rewards. So, LSS has the right reason for growth.

3) Fuse (FUSE)

Our last altcoin gems is Fuse Network. Fuse is one of our Altcoin Buzz micro Cap Gems. The project holds serious potential for the next bullrun. One of the most important and noteworthy changes that FUSE has undergone in this bear market is that the token is about to turn deflationary. In simple terms, its supply will reduce and that in bullrun will be a big plus sign for a big price rally.

The project’s goal is to enable the creation of new tokens as easily as possible. They have their own stablecoin fUSD and their native token FUSE. In their Fuse Studio, they even have a no-code option so entrepreneurs can create their own token that includes fiat on-ramps. It’s pretty cool. With no coding necessary, a business can create a loyalty token or something else worthy of exchange. This opens up lots of options.

One thing Fuse has that we really like is its mobile wallet app. It’s simple and clean. They are trying to bring real-world utility by having a simple Paypal-style app for moving money around. Like blockchains being modular, another big Web3 theme is mobile-friendly or mobile-first. And Fuse is.

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