3 Small Cap Crypto gems Ready to EXPLODE in Bull Run

If you are in crypto, this is the best time to build generational wealth. In about 6 months’ time from today, you might be sorry that you didn’t enter the market at the right time.  Right now, me and my research team, are super busy finding out the best of the best altcoins to accumulate. 

In this article, we looked at some small-cap projects because even with a small amount of capital inflow, they pump the most. Here are our picks. 

Coin #1: ORAI

ORAI surged a massive 400% between 8 Jan – 8 Feb. Since then, it has corrected significantly. But the AI narrative is one of the biggest macro narratives for the next coming year. And with Orai’s potential, this token is a must-have for the max next bull run gains.  Let’s briefly look at what OraiChain is:

OraiChain is an Oracle platform that connects AI with smart contracts. This is a tricky business since developer languages work with 100% accuracy. This, in contrast, with, for example, facial recognition. In smart contracts, code is the law. On the other hand, facial recognition works with percentages of accuracy.

So, being able to use OraiChain in DeFi smart contracts, will bring plenty of advantages. For example:

  • AI Oracle – This enhances smart contracts. It connects them to AI-driven APIs. This brings new and useful functionality.
  • Marketplace – It connects Dapps. For example, face authentication or price predictions.
  • An AI Ecosystem – Publish and sell your AI services.
  • Staking – Stake your ORAI, secure the network, and receive rewards.
  • Crowdsourcing – A test portal before you release an AI service on the mainnet.
  • Orai DAO – ORAI token holders can take part in governance.

 Also, Orai also offers its own wallet. However, the ORAI token is an ERC-20 token, so other wallets are compatible. Orai is also part of the IBC in the Cosmos ecosystem. Here the Keplr wallet will work. ORAI is their native token. Furthermore, it’s also available as a BEP-20 token.

The current price of ORAI is $2.55. So I am getting this gem at quite some discounted prices. With a market cap of $14.3 million. Orai does not need a massive inflow of funds to pump. A little push and it will go to the moon. Next coin.

Coin #2: PDEX

My next coin is Polkadex or PDEX. Polkadex won the 16th parachain slot. They are a DEX and a blockchain. Their DEX currently supports the Polkadex chain, as well as Ethereum and DOT. The idea is to bring the power of DEXes across many chains.

And this makes sense since cross-chain interoperability is one of DOT’s defining themes. Why It’s High Potential. DEXes already have a solid place as crypto apps. Especially after the CEX crackdown by SEC, the DEXs have gained significant investor attention. 

But their cross-chain-ness? Not so. Most people I know use and like Uniswap, Sushiswap, and PancakeSwap. But Uniswap is ETH only and PancakeSwap is limited to BSC. I also like that the recent price performance is steady over the last few months. It’s currently trading at $1.19.

And one of my favorite tokenomics features, and one I rarely see, all 7.46 million PDEX in existence are currently out there in the market. The circulating supply and total supply are the same. So there is 0 chance of a big private dump of tokens. That means any investor money coming in leads to a good pump. Next coin on our list

Coin #3: Fuse

Next, we have a project in the open-source money area. Fuse Network. Fuse is one of our Altcoin Buzz Small Cap Gems. While FUSE has not performed well over the last 6 months, the project holds serious potential for the next bull run. 

One of the most important and noteworthy changes that FUSE has undergone in this bear market is that the token is about to turn deflationary. In simple terms, its supply will reduce, and that in the bull run will be a big plus sign for a big price rally.

The project’s goal is to enable the creation of new tokens as easily as possible. They have their own stablecoin fUSD and their native token FUSE. In their Fuse Studio, they even have a no-code option so entrepreneurs can create their own token that includes fiat on-ramps.

It’s pretty cool. With no coding necessary, a business can create a loyalty token or something else worthy of exchange. This opens up lots of options. One thing Fuse has that we really like is its mobile wallet app. It’s simple and clean. They are trying to bring real-world utility by having a simple Paypal-style app for moving money around.

Like blockchains being modular, another big Web3 theme is mobile-friendly or mobile-first. And we think Fuse will be an important project in the next bull run.

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