3 ULTRA HIGH POTENTIAL Altcoins for 2023 Crypto Bull Run

The crypto market is in an uncertain place. But one thing is certain – projects that build during bear markets make it very big in the bull market. And that’s why you’ll love today’s topic.

Today, I am covering one of the best sectors for investment and the most conservative in crypto. I’m talking about one of our favorites. Web3 Infrastructure Projects. We have 3 altcoins that can explode in the 2024 bull run. Let’s check them out.


Our first great infrastructure project is PARSIQ. We’ve had some videos about them before. But if you are seeing them for the first time, the important thing here is that they do blockchain index and data queries. This lets you find the blockchain info you need.

We LOVE this category. The undisputed leader is The Graph. And we like them. As you know, we have them in our master portfolio. They are also an $825 million dollar project by market value. By contrast, PARSIQ is growing fast and does many things The Graph does. Yet its market cap is only $10 million.

This skews the risk/reward in PARSIQ’s favor. They are a leading protocol in indexing and queries and they are 80x SMALLER than The Graph is. That alone reduces the risk of this project. And then there are some exciting new developments for PARSIQ too.

PARSIQ has its new Reactive Network and ReactEVM coming out. This brings new logic and possibilities to smart contracts. It’s a huge step forward. The contract can now react to on-chain events. Swaps and trading will improve by leaps and bounds. And many other uses of smart contracts benefit too. Plus, the rEVM lets developers deploy this new functionality on an EVM where the app is already.

PARSIQ believes in this future SO much, that after its mainnet launch the $PRQ token will become $REACT. And you will be able to use the token on the React Network or for anything else PARSIQ uses.

PARSIQ is showing they are much more than a blockchain indexer and more than just an API data provider. Those services are in high demand in our industry already. Add this big potential with React and we think that the 80x gap they have with The Graph will shrink. And soon.

What’s your favorite Web3 infrastructure project? Let us know in the comments below. Bonus: if your project lets you change your RPC settings Metamask can’t see what you are doing.

2) Openfabric AI

Our new favorite in the union of crypto and AI is Openfabric. What we like about it so much is that it’s part of 3 projects we already like combined into one:

  1. Fetch.ai: One of if not the biggest AI marketplaces in crypto.
  2. Singularity: Also a marketplace that lets you create and edit your own AI agents. Plus a fast-growing ecosystem
  3. Akash: Resources for AI with sales and rental of GPU computer chips. They provide the processing power AI apps need like image rendering.

If you’ve been around our channel a while, then you know we like these projects already. And here’s the cool thing. Openfabric does ALL of these things. Yes, it’s true.

They are a marketplace. In fact, they want to be the Apple store for AI apps in crypto. They help you build and launch your own AI app either with infrastructure OR the team will build a custom app for you. Here you see one of their trading bots at work in the background. And lastly, as part of that infrastructure, you can use their computing and processing power to edit and test your app before launch.

So Openfabric makes liking and investing in crypto AI easier. You don’t have to decide which part of the AI market will be the most successful. Openfabric has exposure to decentralized computing power, marketplaces, and custom apps. And unlike these bigger 3, Openfabric is smaller (for now). And you are earlier.

The IDO for its $OFN token takes place in the middle of the month. They are using 4 different IDO platforms including our friends at Seedify and Enjinstarter.

Do all projects right now need AI or more computing power? No, but they will. And soon. So if you missed the boat on Fetch or Akash, you get to be really early on this AI project that we are bullish on for the future.

3) Chainlink

If you open up CryptoTwitter, all of a sudden Chainlink and its CCIP protocol are everywhere. For some of us at Altcoin Buzz, and we know some of you out there, the only question is What took you so long? Chainlink is the undisputed leader in providing oracles for smart contracts.

Not unlike PARSIQ’s new React platform, Chainlink addresses one of the smart contracts’ limitations. In this case, it’s that it cannot interpret off-chain data. So Chainlink brings in that data whether it’s pricing information on stocks and securities or other cryptos for traders OR supply chain-related info. It doesn’t matter. Chainlink brings it, smart contracts use it. And those contracts need this connection that Chainlink brings.

Back to CCIP. What is it? It stands for cross-chain interoperability protocol. And it helps bring more from conventional finance on-chain. This includes Real World Asset projects and Asset tokenization. You can see some of how the tech works in this video playing in the background.

We are super bullish on both categories. We see crypto payment and funding rails as a big use case. You can invest in assets you would not have access to in the conventional financial system. Even the tokenization of a vacation property so many partial owners can own a piece is a big challenge in some markets. Especially so for Americans.

It won’t end there. In fact, properties and other investment assets will only be the beginning. They are even working with SWIFT. And in conventional finance, it does not get bigger than that.

Programmable token transfers will add a new layer of functionality to existing smart contracts. As you’ve seen from today’s 3 great Web3 infrastructure projects, all 3 are working to improve existing smart contract functionality in some way.

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