3 Ultra High Potential Altcoins For 2024 Crypto Bull Run

If you have 2 quality projects you are looking at, all things being equal, it’s better to get into the earlier project. If it survives its first year, it often has lots of room to run.

You and I both know the advantages of being early. So today, 3 altcoins we like that are pre-TGE or Token Generation Event. It’s hard to be earlier than that, right? Let’s check them out.

1) Serenity Shield

Our first project today is Serenity Shield. As you know by now, they had a token. Their v1 version of $SERSH. And they suffered a hack in one of their deployer wallets. The team has been pretty open and public about what happened and what they are doing to safeguard users.

As part of keeping users safe going forward, they are issuing a new token contract on the BEP-20 standard. This version, the v2 for $SERSH has its TGE coming up soon. You can see the new token contract is now public. Now if you had v1 before the hack, the snapshot for your reissue of the v2 token was taken on February 27th at 2.26 UTC.

If it’s in your wallet like Metamask, Rabby, or Trust Wallet, then you are fine. You will get the new reissue and either trade-in or burn v1. For central exchange holders, Gate.io and MEXC have already approved the token migration to the new token contract.

More About Serenity Shield

Plus, since the same group of hackers did the OKX DEX hack, the exchanges know Serenity was not “in on it” or that it was an inside job. So exchanges will get comfortable with this reissue fast. We’ve covered Serenity Shield a lot lately both before and after the hack. And that’s because we believe in the team and the quality of the StrongBox service.

The hack is an unfortunate mistake. Thankfully, due to its small size, it’s not a fatal mistake and we think $SERSH will get back to the prices we were seeing a couple of weeks ago. Now here are the TGE details for v2 of $SERSH.

All the main exchanges have agreed including Gate.io, MEXC, and PancakeSwap, that the new TGE will be at 12 pm UTC today. Trade will open at 51c, the approximate price it was when the hack was discovered. The one place where there is still negotiation going on, per the Team, is with SmarDex. But that’s just finalizing the amount of airdropped tokens to SmarDex users.

The Serenity team is using Twitter very aggressively to share its message so make sure you are following them there for more details.

2) Berachain

Berachain is playing the theme of interoperability in a way we are seeing a lot more of. And that’s compatibility with both EVM and Cosmos. They are by far the 2 biggest ecosystems. Berachain has been in testnet for almost 2 months now, since January. With backers like Polychain Capital, Tribe Capital, and dao5, this is a clear sign of wanting to bring liquid, modular chains to Cosmos.

Berachain uses a Proof of Liquidity consensus mechanism where greater liquidity leads to greater security. Users delegate their BGT token, the delegation token, and 1 of 2 tokens here, to a validator. Then the validator produces blocks in proportion to their delegation. So it’s like PoS but a little better since the delegation token BGT is separate from the gas token, BERA.

An airdrop for $BERA has been confirmed. Right now, using the testnet faucet you can get the testnet version of $BERA to play around with the testnet and complete the tasks required for the airdrop.

As airdrops go, that’s all we know for now but we will probably be talking about this more in our airdrop series of videos that come out each month.

Do you guys catch those? We do at least 1 per month. Which airdrop has been the best one for you so far? Let us know in the comments below.

3) EclipseFi

So I’m cheating a little bit on this last one. EclipseFi recently had its TGE in late December. But I want to talk about it anyway. EclipseFi had its IDO in December on Neutron. This is a platform we don’t hear a lot about. It helps launch Cosmos projects.

And EclipseFi is both a Cosmos project AND it has a launchpad to help other projects. Their $ECLIP token is a key feature for its first launchpad project called Bonus Block. And Bonus Block is having its IDO and TGE in late March. So that helps us stay on the theme of pre-TGE.

EclipseFi is making it easier for both Cosmos and EVM Layer 2 projects to launch by being both modular and multi-chain. As a modular chain, it’s light, fast, and cheap. Multi-chain means more convenience for more users. Their biggest innovation might be the use of zk-KYC. A KYC system with zero knowledge built in for privacy. It’s the most privacy-based launchpad we’ve seen so far.

Back to Bonus Block for a second, it will be using AI to filter and analyze wallet data and transaction data by working with hundreds of different APIs across crypto. It sounds like it’s not quite a query and indexer of data like The    Graph or PARSIQ, but it does share some of those qualities and we love Web3 infrastructure. So both the Bonus Block IDO and EclipseFi may be worth an extra look.


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