A Guide to CARV's $SOUL Airdrop Campaign

Today, we’re participating in CARV’s new $SOUL airdrop campaign. Let’s dive into the details below!

Preliminary Information
  • Users: Only for Intermediate Users and Above.
  • Funds Required: About 0.04 $BNB (USD$12.60/- nowadays) is needed for minting the CARV ID and bridging from the BNB chain to OpBNB.
  • Time Required: About 2 hours to qualify for daily mining, but more time is needed if you want to capture Additional Data Rewards and Soul Challenge Rewards. Post that you will have to claim rewards daily. That will take 5 minutes per day.
  • Difficulty: Normal.
  • Potential: Medium to High.

Note: Data binding is required.

What is CARV?

CARV is a protocol that aims to empower users with data self-sovereignty and share value captured from the utility of data in a consent-based, privacy-preserving mechanism.

To emphasize the importance of your data, CARV has created a unique airdrop campaign. To participate, all you have to do is to mint a CARV ID. This will be your self-sovereign ID. With this ID, you’ll then be able to participate in this special Data-to-Earn (D2E) airdrop.

How to Participate in CARVs Airdrop

CARV is rewarding $SOUL tokens to its airdrop participants. All you’ve got to do is (1) mint a CARV ID/.play name and (2) bind your data across multiple platforms to it. The more platforms you bind, the more $SOUL rewards you’ll earn daily.

CARV SOUL Airdrop - 1
Source: CARV Website
  • Log in here: https://bit.ly/48wDBBq
  • You’ll need to add the Linea chain and OpBNB L2 chain to your Metamask. This is automatic if you connect your Metamask to CARV’s website. Otherwise, you can use chainlist.org to do so.
  • Once that’s done, you will need to have a CARV ID. Mint one here. To do so, you’ll need to have $BNB in your OpBNB smart wallet (not Metamask). To do this:
  • First, bridge 0.04 $BNB over to the OpBNB chain for gas. You can follow this simple guide here.
  • Next, CARV will automatically create a smart ID wallet that links to your Metamask. But, you’ll have to connect your Metamask to it first, on the Linea network. To do this, click on the link here and go to the top right-hand corner to connect.
  • Try using the above 2 steps first, when you claim your rewards. If you face any problems, then, send over 0.03 $BNB to your smart wallet from your Metamask OpBNB wallet. You can access your smart wallet on the bottom right of the screen as shown below.
CARV SOUL Airdrop - 2
Source: CARV Website
  • After your CARV ID is minted, we recommend you mint a .play name as well. This will make you eligible for future CARV rewards. To mint, follow the link here. For this, you’ll need to pay about 0.015 $BNB in gas for a name that has 7-12 letters.
Daily Mining

Alright! You’ve completed all the prerequisites. You’re now able to participate in the $SOUL airdrop. You can refer to Guide #1 or #2 below.

  1. Guide #1: https://carv-official.notion.site/carv-official/Data-to-Earn-D2E-SOUL-Drop-System-Guideline-e68540dd571e411eab1c1a7f0fcf33ed
  2. Guide #2: https://medium.com/coinmonks/what-is-carv-how-to-participate-in-the-carv-airdrop-87ba260c54ad

Note that the above steps are for daily mining. Log on once every day to “CARV” out some $SOUL everyday, to increase your rewards on Ronin/OpBNB/ZkSync/Linea chains. If you do not want to pay for gas, just do this for only Ronin/OpBNB.

Try to get more additional rewards and Soul Challenges. More are added on as you progress along. Finally, use your referral code with friends! With more referrals, you earn more $SOUL as well.


Once the $SOUL airdrop concludes, you’ll be able to exchange your $SOUL tokens for $ARC. $ARC is the governance token for CARV. As of now, we do not have information on the conversion rate for $SOUL to $ARC. We will just have to wait for the CARV team’s announcement when the $ARC Token Generation Event (TGE) draws closer.

CARV SOUL Airdrop - 3
Source: CARV Website


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