Alpha Sneak Peek: 4 Early Crypto Opportunities Revealed

Did you see these opportunities in the last week? Altcoin Buzz Alpha is our flagship service and we walked our members through all these opportunities and more.

With a bull market here again, there are opportunities everywhere. So how do you sift out the best ones for you? Let us help you and show you some examples here.

1) Massa Airdrop

First, we got our MASSA MAS points this week. And you are still in time to take part in this airdrop yourself You need to earn a minimum of 20% of all the possible experience points to receive your airdrop. Check your Bearby or Massa Station wallet to see that you got it.

And you can verify on their block explorer here to see the value in your wallet If you got at least 80% of all the experience points you could, then you got the full 200 MAS. The mainnet is live as of now and your active wallet should reflect your airdrop balance in it.

OK, so now what? Well, one of the reasons why people join Alpha is our outstanding Research Team stays up-to-date on both new projects like this and old standards and veterans of the industry.

For example, the tokenomics are OK but not awesome. The TGE has it at 87.5 million circulating supply out of 1 billion. So there is some room for the token to grow but some potential pressure by the vesting of other tranches of tokens too.

So what is our Research Team recommending? They say sell pressure could increase with the linear vesting schedules they have coming up. So keep that in mind, DYOR, and keep checking with us for updates. Otherwise, we wait and see how the mainnet launch goes.

2) SatoshiVM Mining

Have you heard of SatoshiVM yet? Its launch on both Bounce Finance and Ape Terminal is helping to generate some hype around the project. Plus, it hits on a narrative we like. Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions. And this one is a zero-knowledge rollup version, of which there are many on Ethereum but not many on Bitcoin yet.

So some hype is good. We know it means the project can attract attention when necessary. But it also has a projected airdrop coming. It is NOT confirmed yet, so only do this one in your free time. But the tasks are short. You have to complete them within 24 hours. Thankfully, it should only take you about 90 min to do it.

Our recommendations start with getting the Unisat Wallet while adding the SatoshiVM testnet to your Metamask or EVM wallet. The testnet is on Ethereum’s Sepolia testnet. Then, you have to:

  1. Get Testnet BTC from one of 2 faucets here or here.
  2. Bridge to the SatoshiVM testnet.
  3. Withdraw tokens.
  4. Claim ETH Sepolia & $SAVM tokens and get tSAVM.
  5. Bridge tSAVM.
  6. Withdraw your tSAVM.
  7. Mint a Token.
  8. Deploy a Smart Contract.
  9. And lastly, do a swap.

There is no cost and no new money involved in these tasks except for ETH for gas on the Sepolia network. And instead of the summarized version here, Alpha members got a step-by-step tutorial written by our airdrop hunter, especially for you.

3) DYM Airdrop

Dymension’s $DYM airdrop claim deadline also happened last week. And this one affects lots of you out there. You may have missed it as you were eligible if you:

  • Staked TIA as of December 19th.
  • Staked ATOM as of December 19th.
  • Used Wormhole Bridge.
  • Owned a Pudgy Penguin NFT.
  • And a couple of other NFT projects all as of December 19th.

You can check your eligibility here. For our use of TIA, ATOM, and Solana, we got 500DYM. Our Research Team thinks this could easily be worth $1000-2000 soon. They love the concept of deploying fast app chains, which Dymension calls RollApps.

Right now, our great Research Team is covering potential opportunities for token appreciation and airdrops in a couple of ETH Layer 2 solutions you know, an exciting new Cosmos chain, and the first decentralized sequencer for ETH and why that’s important. Come check those out now.

4) One-Click Node on Shardeum

Many of us understand the value of staking. Especially so when it’s for a project we like and want to see succeed. Shardeum is an EVM chain Layer 1 that already uses sharding. Sharding is a long-term goal of Ethereum. It’s one of the reasons they switched from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. Shardeum is offering 2 ways to run your node without needing a technical background.

  • Option 1

Use Mintair. You can set up a one-click node in the cloud with Mintair for a year for $143. Follow their Twitter for when one of their slots opens up. You will need Testnet Shardeum tokens to try this one out. This is a very young project so ANYTHING can happen.

  • Option 2

Use Spheron. Here you are running a node via a Telegram bot. Here’s a little quick guide on how that works. Shardeum has said that this could lead to an airdrop but they have not confirmed that it will. We say this to remind you that: 

  1. There is no confirmation of the airdrop.
  2. These 2 options currently function with Testnet tokens.
  3. All the projects and young and early stage. Changes can happen fast.

We are testing some of these as we speak and as you’ve seen in these options today, Alpha members have a chance to earn some good money without time-consuming tasks that take up an entire day.

The information discussed by Altcoin Buzz is not financial advice. This is for educational, entertainment, and informational purposes only. Any information or strategies are thoughts and opinions relevant to the accepted levels of risk tolerance of the writer/reviewers and their risk tolerance may be different than yours. We are not responsible for any losses that you may incur as a result of any investments directly or indirectly related to the information provided. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments so please do your due diligence. Copyright Altcoin Buzz Pte Ltd.


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