Recent news has shed light on a surprising turn in Armstrong’s journey, as he sought donations in Ethereum (ETH) from his supporters.

In this article, we’ll explore the life and career of Ben Armstrong. his path to becoming a renowned crypto influencer, and the circumstances that led him to request donations in ETH.

The Early Years & Rise to Crypto Prominence

Ben Armstrong’s journey in the cryptocurrency world began several years ago. And it’s a story of passion, perseverance, and evolution. While not much is known about his personal life before he entered the crypto scene. His online presence began to take shape as he delved deeper into the world of digital assets.

Ben Armstrong’s path to becoming BitBoy Crypto can be summarized in these phases:
  1. Exploration and Learning: Armstrong started as an explorer, diving into the complexities of blockchain technology and the emerging world of cryptocurrencies. His initial interest quickly turned into a passion for understanding the underlying principles of digital assets.
  2. Content Creation: Armstrong began creating videos and sharing his insights on YouTube. His early content included explanations of blockchain technology. Also, tutorials on how to buy and store cryptocurrencies, and analyses of various crypto projects.
  3. Educational Outreach: A defining aspect of Armstrong’s crypto journey was his dedication to newcomers. He produced videos that broke down complex concepts into digestible pieces. Making it easier for people to enter the crypto space with confidence. However, he had bad experiences by promoting meme coins which made many people lose money.
  4. Market Analysis: Over time, his YouTube channel evolved to include market analysis and price predictions. Armstrong utilized a combination of technical analysis, market sentiment, and his understanding of crypto fundamentals. The goal is to provide viewers with insights into potential price movements.
  5. Community Building: BitBoy Crypto’s channel and social media presence grew rapidly, attracting a dedicated following. His ability to engage with his audience, address their concerns, and foster a sense of community.
  6. Partnerships: Armstrong forged partnerships with other prominent figures in the crypto industry. So, he frequently interviewed experts and influencers. These collaborations expanded his reach and brought additional credibility to his channel.
  7. Market Influencer Status: Over time, Ben Armstrong’s market analyses and predictions earned him a reputation as a market influencer. His views on crypto trends and investment strategies were eagerly awaited by his followers.

It is important to say that Bit Boy is a very controversial figure in the industry because he is known to have supported crypto projects with a dubious reputation.

What Happened with Ben Armstrong?

On September 20th, Ben tweeted that HIT Network seized all of his money, threatened him with death, and took away his Lamborghini. He’s pleading for money for something we don’t know about and has already raised more than $200K.

Since the above tweet, he has not made any further posts so there is a lot of speculation as to what he wants to do with the money raised.

So, we don’t know why Ben had that problem with Hit Network (if he really did), but the most important thing to learn from the experiences of others: Never believe 100% anyone you see on a YouTube channel, even if they have a lot of followers. This industry gave us a phrase (Don’t believe, verify.) and we must apply it in all the things we interact with in this industry that is in its birth years.

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