Crypto Domain Name Better than Ethereum Name Services ENS

Naming Services. They aren’t just for prestige and vanity. You can make money with them too. See someone made $1.5 million with this Paradigm.eth domain name. Now with Ethereum’s Name Service, many of the best names are taken and that ship has sailed.

But they aren’t the only game in town. In fact, there’s a great new decentralized name service on the market that’s all about freedom and opportunity. And unlike waiting to flip a domain to see if you can make money, with this new service you are their partner and you make money just by minting a new domain. Curious about ENS? Let’s check out some top naming services.

1) ENS

By now most of you know the Ethereum Name Service. And it has lots of cool things that it can do. And if you were early, you were able to get some cool vanity names like: [Your First Name]. Eth. Those days are long gone now. While we like ENS and what it can do, here are some common complaints and shortcomings of ENS domains

  • Pay Yearly

You have to pay annual renewals for your ENS name. Many think if you are bothering to mint an NFT and pay for it it should be forever or until YOU decide to sell.

  • Only .eth

You can’t register .com or other top-level domains. Only.eth. Some see this as limiting.

  • Best Names Are Taken

ENS has been around for a long time. So all the best names have been taken. No one expects to be able to access Vitalik.eth but it would be cool if at least some names we really liked were available to mint now.

Our next name service will give us some options like this.

  • Flipping Only Way to Make Money

The only way to make money using ENS to buy names is to buy, hold, and flip. This means you have to wait for someone to reach out to you or try to find a marketplace where you can buy and sell them like OpenSea.

All that said, ENS is a great service. But it’s not the only one. And maybe you don’t want a .eth name or to be associated with Ethereum in this way. We get it. So here are some other choices for you.

2) Tomi’s tDNS

Now tomi goes about things a little differently. It’s almost like you can start your own domain name registration business. When you mint a domain there, you earn 25% of the winning auction price for that domain.

And because you are early, lots of great, sexy, and vanity names are available for you to mint right now. Some of the more popular names at auction now are:


So lots of big, big names that are long gone in other naming services are available here and now. Your own first is probably available now on the tDNS. Tomi’s system is unique. Its business model gives you a chance to make money not by flipping domains like elsewhere, but by being the original minter.

As I said, you get 25% of the auction price for a domain you minted. So there is nothing stopping you from going to tDNS and thinking of as many popular and vanity names as possible and minting them. In fact, you earn over time. With each increasing bid, you earn 25% of the difference in the new bid price. So you don’t have to wait for the final winning bid to start earning.

Go mint for example. Your name isn’t Jimmy? Who cares? Other Jimmys will bid against each other at auction to get the domain. And you get paid. Once you mint, the domain goes to auction. And for someone wanting to operate domain names like a business, that’s awesome.

But you should know that all names go directly to the auction automatically. So even if I go to tomi’s tDNS to get, it still has to go to auction before I can finally claim it as mine. And someone else could bid for it.

More About tomi

So for selling vanity names, this is really cool. For getting and keeping your own vanity name, you’ll have to wait for it. This idea of you being a partner with tomi for the domain name sales is definitely cool and different. Ethereum sure isn’t sharing any revenue with you.

And there’s a great 5-tier referral program too. Once you join, you can earn up to 12.5% of the mint & bid price without even minting the domain yourself.

One last note. These first auctions are long. They go until May 15, 2024. So that is a while to wait, but the big advantage is that you can get names that are not accessible on other services. You just have to wait for it.

Once you get it, then you can build out your full tomiNet website. Do you have a custom domain name using one of these services? Let us know yours in the comments below.

3) Unstoppable Domains

Like tomi, once you pay for your domain name on Unstoppable Domains, it’s yours forever. We like that. Unlike tomi, you can’t get .com but unlike ENS, you have many choices here. Some domains you can buy include:

  • .crypto
  • .polygon for you MATIC lovers
  • .x
  • .blockchain
  • .nft

So there are some excellent choices here based on what you like. As Unstoppable says on its own website, they’ve registered more than 3.7 million domain names. It’s VERY popular. This also means that, unlike tomi’s tDNS, many great vanity names are already taken.

Unstoppable is a great product and it has lots of integrations with wallets, apps, and other services. But all of that is still connected to the public Web2 version of the web.

With tomi’s tDNS, you control now just your domain name but its access to a fully decentralized web too.

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