Spritz Finance review

Are you aware of the SEC crackdown on Crypto Exchanges? Binance.US, Coinbase, and Kraken. None has been spared. As a result, the exchanges are struggling to find banking partners. USD on-ramps and off-ramps are being suspended. 

I needed a solution to this recurring challenge. And that is when I came across a partnership opportunity with Spritz Finance. And I partnered at once because Stu, one of our leading researchers was already using Spritz Finance

I was blown away by seeing this amazing service. Use crypto to pay bills and ditch your bank forever. I even got a $50 credit for my next bill payment. Did I make you eager? Let’s dive in.

What is Spritz Finance?

So just to be clear, Spritz’s primary service is bill paying. When you don’t have to convert your USDT into dollars to pay a bill that just saves one extra step. Or if like him, you have bills and deal with multiple currencies. Spritz does this very inexpensively too, while letting you bypass your bank entirely and that annoying experience to help make sure your bills are paid.

Spritz Finance review

Source: Twitter

It has other great services for American citizens like fiat off-ramps and a virtual debit card linked to your account. The virtual debit card is particularly good since it’s a Mastercard debit card and all you have to do is move some of your crypto into it to have a positive balance. Then you can use your crypto to pay anywhere you can use a virtual debit card.

Remember that old saying that banking services are needed but banks are not? Services like the virtual debit card and direct bill paying with crypto let Americans (for now, more countries coming soon) avoid their bank with ease.

Again if you are not living in the US but have US bills as you would as an ex-pat, digital nomad, or online worker, then this is an amazing advancement for you. More improvements like support for Bitcoin payments are coming soon.

Spritz Finance rewards

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How to Pay a Bill with Spritz Finance

And now I’m going to show you just how easy it is to pay a bill with Spritz. I decided to record how easy and fast it is to pay a bill. Here’s that footage now:

  • He will log in and pay a Bank of America credit card bill that has a very small balance on it.
  • He connects his Metamask wallet and decides to use the Polygon Network to pay his bill because the gas fees are low.

You can see the places to add your bank account for the off-ramp service and under the Spend tab you can see the virtual debit card which has a $40 balance on it. Now onto the bills.

Spritz Finance credit card payment

Source: Loom

Here you see the bill for only $1.39 with his Bank of America credit card. I’m programming the payment now. You can see it’s very simple and user-friendly. For some reason, the Metamask notifications did not show up on the screen, but they are the same as always.

  • Approve the use of this app
  • Approve that you will transact with a transaction limit. Always put a number in here as a security measure
  • Confirming the actual transaction.

And you can see that in less than 2 minutes, with no conversions or added fees, the bill is paid. Super fast and convenient. Would you like to ditch your bank forever and pay your bills in crypto? Then try Spritz Finance.

And if you click on this link you can try the service and pay at least $50 worth of bills, you will get a $50 credit toward your next bill. Try this great service today.

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