Dexcheck, an AI Platform to Boost Crypto/NFT Trades.

Blockchain is getting saturated and complex because we have thousands of projects. While this is good for adoption, it is sort of bad for accuracy. There’s a lot of noise and rumors.

So, unless you have access to a good analytic tool, you’ll waste precious time sourcing your own data. And that’s what DexCheck wants to help you prevent. Let’s discover more about this platform.

What is DexCheck?
DexCheck is a cutting-edge analytics tool. It compiles data from Decentralized Exchanges (DEXex) and NFT projects. This way, users can separate the useful information from the noise. It also provides you with access to up-to-date data. And helps you make better investment decisions.
DexCheck grants you access to data from new NFTs, crypto tokens, and liquidity pools. And market activity across different blockchain networks. It condenses this data into a clear and easy-to-use format. Furthermore, DexCheck leverages AI and machine learning to track “smart money” flows. It also integrates social intelligence.

We’ve seen incredible growth in the DeFi space in the last three years. However, DeFi is complex. And even veterans of the industry might struggle with it. In order to close that gap, DexCheck provides a new experience that is currently lacking with most tools.
For example, some of the regular analytics tools lack in areas such as research depth, usability, data dependability, and offering practical insights. However, DexCheck offers a user-friendly service with comprehensive and reliable data.
DexCheck’s Team
The team behind this project has a depth of industry knowledge. They also factored many of the limitations of current analytic tools into their work. The DexCheck team consists of qualified experts. In addition, the team is led by a seasoned Project Lead with expertise in blockchain data analysis and crypto trading.
Other members of the team include people with knowledge and experience in Product design, Global payment, Marketing, Community Management, Blockchain design, and Front-end & back-end development. Some of the advisors include:
  • Ilan Rakhmanov, CEO and CMO of ChainGPT.
  • Cedric Shan, BD, and Ecosystem Growth at KuCoin.
  • Jeff Nowak, Founder of Maven Capital.
  • Elliot Hagemeijer, Founder of Decubate.
  • Siva Sagiraju, Product Marketing Director at Polygon Labs.

Features of DexCheck
DexCheck has several features that are already on the mainnet. Others are due to be launched based on their schedule in the roadmap. Here’s a list of the features of this tool:
  • CheckBoard: This feature gives you access to a dashboard that contains a detailed overview of the market. This dashboard displays the trends in the market and real-time data on crypto, NFTs, and DEXs
Source: DexCheck

You can find the “CheckBoard” section in the left vertical menu in the app.

  • Token Analytics and Charts: This tool gives you token-specific insight. You can learn more about any token you are interested in using advanced analytics and interactive charts.
Source: DexCheck

You can find the “Token Analytics” section in the left vertical menu in the app.

  • Crypto Whales Tracker: Whales are huge market influencers. They have access to data that ordinary traders don’t have. But this whale tracker feature helps you track the activities of major crypto investors. It gives you access to their trading strategies, investments, and funds.

Source: DexCheck
  • Top Crypto Traders [PRO]: With this feature, you can learn from the trading strategies of some of the best traders.
  • InsightsGPT [PRO]: InsightsGPT is an AI-powered DEXs tracker. It analyzes Smart Money wallets and DEX transactions to provide real-time insight.
  • Address Analyzer: This feature enables you to view some of the exceptional wallets in crypto. It displays trading activities and helps you evaluate profit and loss metrics.
  • NFT Board: This feature helps you explore the NFT world. It includes a dashboard that provides you with access to NFT market data, such as sales history, rarity analysis, and ownership trends.
  • Token Unlocks Dashboard: This feature keeps you informed on upcoming token unlocks and vesting events. This way, you can plan your investment.
  • New Pairs: This feature updates you on newly listed trading pairs on DEXs.
  • MultiCharts: This feature allows you to track different asset charts simultaneously. This enables you to compare their trends, and performance and make informed decisions.
Benefits of Using DexCheck & Investors
Using DexCheck comes with a lot of benefits:
  1. Have quick and accurate access to market data.
  2. Learn from the strategies of experienced traders and improve yours.
  3. Get detailed data from NFT and token traders and investors.
  4. Have access to the next investment event in blockchain and plan to attend.
On the other hand, it’s important to say that DexCheck has prestigious investors like OKX, ChainGPT, Seedify, and Decubate.
Source: DexCheck
Finally, Dexcheck made very important partnerships with blockchains like Polygon, Fantom, Cronos, and KuCoin.

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