SUPER Early AI Crypto GEM

Don’t Miss this again! Last week we shared this massive IDO opportunity with you. I am not sure how many of you got in early but those who did Congrats! Your bag pumped 782.6%. 

Now that the coin has already pumped why am I talking about it? Because for those who did not get in, I don’t want you to miss this early gem opportunity again. Take a look at this. At IDO, $SOPH, Sophiverse token was $0.03. Now it’s trading close to $0.20 which is a 643% price pump. But, still an early stage to get into it because Sophiverse is about to SHOCK the crypto industry. Let’s discover more about this AI crypto gem.

What is the Sophiverse?

When the legendary actor Will Smith could not resist the Charm of Real Sophia Robot, how could we resist Sophiaverse? The futuristic metaverse allows you to interact with your own personal Sophia as she grows with you and forms a unique personality.

That looks so futuristic! But is it just another AI gimmick or is something really shocking coming up? The next couple of sections are all from a research perspective. But if you want to know my honest opinion watch the video till the end.

For those of you who don’t know let me explain Sophiaverse to you in the simplest possible way. Without knowing what the project is about, you cannot understand the actual potential of the $SOPH token. SophiaVerse is an NFT and game-based marketplace for integrating games into the metaverse.

Essentially, a gaming platform supported by AI technology that seeks to enable human interaction with superintelligence facilitated by the SOPH utility token. Simply put, Sophiaverse is like a whole game where you can teach Sophia, learn from her, and even monetize your data through NFTs.

Imagine having your own unique Sophia AI companion that you can customize and train based on your preferences. And the best part is, you can trade and sell your Sophia’s traits to others.

In short, Sophiverse brings in two most bullish crypto narratives. AI + Web3 Gaming together for a Super bullish future.

Sophiverse – Developed by Experts

We know the AI crypto narrative has kind of cooled off. Then why did Sophiverse such catch massive attention?  It is because the Sophiverse ecosystem was developed by David Hanson, the creator of Sophia, the humanoid robot, and Ben Goertzel, a cognitive scientist who developed the explosive AI Blockchain project SingulairtyNET, SingularityDAO, and Hansan Robotics. They are all partners of Sophiaverse.

So definitely, the project is backed by successful leaders and when I looked at the roadmap, undoubtedly Sophiverse will shock us all.

$SOPH Token Utility

Before I tell you all about the utility of $SOPH, we need to understand what is there in the Sophiaverse ecosystem. The Sophiaverse ecosystem includes:

  • Sophia’s AI Lab (SAIL): This is a learning platform where users can interact with their own evolving Sophia and learn about AI programming.
  • Sophia’s Age of Singularities (SAOS): This is a multiplayer online game where users can join forces to fight for humanity and pave the way for a positive Singularity.
  • The Sentience Wallet: This is a secure wallet that allows users to store and manage their AGIX tokens.

SOPH staking is already live and for some pairs like ETH and BNB, the APR is as high as 159%, 379%.

Now we can understand the SOPH token’s utility. Because unless a token has lots of utility in its ecosystem, it doesn’t pump even if the ecosystem is growing. Now, here are 6 major utilities in the Sophiverse ecosystem:

  1. Sophiverse users can participate in quests, earn rewards, and redeem them as SOPH tokens.
  2. They can buy and sell digital art with SOPH.
  3. Character upgrade of personalized Sophie in SAIL can be done only using SOPH.
  4. Users can buy .ai domain names using SOPH.
  5. Users can monetize their data in SOPH.
  6. Users can code and put the code up for sale in the marketplace and trade it with SOPH.

More About $SOPH Token Utility

All in all entire Sophiverse ecosystem revolves around the SOPH token which means as the ecosystem becomes popular and grows trading of $SOPH will increase and hence $SOPH has quite a high chance of going to the moon in the coming bullrun. But wait will Sophiverse really catch up and become popular? To understand that, let’s take a look at its roadmap: 

  1. The token launch was part of the first milestone event. 
  2. After that, the next big thing will be the Airdrop of SOPH tokens to Singularity Net Community and the first challenge.
  3. Milestone #3 will involve the launch of the Gaurdian GAURD token. SAIL Interactivity.
  4. During Milestone #5, the metaverse and new challenges will be released.
  5. 2 milestones will also focus on more developments.
Does Sophiaverse have any Competition?

Venture Capitalist have been investing in this segment for some time. Investor interest means a big opportunity lies there. Some of the direct competitors to Sophiverse include Ultiverse, a direct competitor funded by Binance Labs. Other competitors include Altered Stae Machine. It will be interesting to see how this segment evolves.

My Personal Opinion on Sophiaverse

The project seems solid with collaborations from renowned AI developers and partnerships with Hanson Robotics and Singularitynet. They share the goal of open-source and accessible AI. The utility of the token looks promising too, serving as in-game currency, a means for upgrades, and more.

Interesting to see how they’re making AI fun and accessible for all ages and skill levels. The idea of cross-media and cross-game compatibility is itself very intriguing to me. Their successful launch and 7 million market cap show there’s genuine interest in the project.

I’m really bullish on this whole Singularity net ecosystem, and I can’t wait to see how the Sophiverse unfolds. But make sure you do your own research before making any investments.

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