My TOP 3 Get Rich Crypto Airdrops

Airdrops can be like free money! Some recent memorable airdrops include Aptos with up to $2,500 for only downloading an NFT. Also, Arbitrum with airdrops between $400 and $1,250. The more tasks you completed, the higher your airdrop was.

That is what many airdrops need you to do, completing tasks. Every so often, the tasks are easy, like answering questions about the protocol. Other times, you need to bridge assets around, between protocols and chains.

This means that you may go into test nets and new protocols. So, protect yourself and use burner wallets. Also, keep in mind that most of the time, airdrops are not guaranteed. But here we go with some up-and-coming potential airdrops.

But before we go there, a brief update on Binance. To help the earthquake victims in Morocco, Binance Charity will airdrop $3 million. This will go to Binance users in the affected area. Just another example of using airdrops for good. Let’s discover 3 airdrops that will be published this month.

#1: Base

Base is a layer 2 solution by Coinbase. Its mainnet launched in August. So, the Base team said a few times that they’re not planning on releasing a token anytime soon. However, you can mint quite a few NFTs for free on Base. You never know if this may help once there is a BASE token. So, keep exploring the Base network and keep minting NFTs.

First, we’re going to bridge some ETH from Ethereum’s mainnet to Base. For this, we use the official bridge, see the link. Make sure that you add the Base network to your wallet before you start bridging. Here is a quick guide.

Now bridge any amount of ETH to Base. This goes very fast and is cheap. It only cost me $0.78 although my MetaMask told me it was $2.81. The Etherscan proof is in my video.

  • Connect your wallet. 
  • Click on Bridge assets 
  • Specify types of assets and quantity. I bridged 0.005 ETH or about $8.
  • Click on Deposit ETH. 

Once you bridged the ETH to Base, you want to mint the Onchain Summer NFT. 

  • Simply go to transactions and it shows you the option to mint.
  • Click Mint and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  • This is a free mint.

You can visit Mint-fun and look for ongoing mints. Select the Base chain and look for mints. Most of them will be for free. So, check this before you hit the mint button! 

You can easily mint a couple of dozen NFTs this way. As the video shows, I minted a dozen in only 3 projects. 1 mint may cost you a small bit of ETH, but 5 or 7 mints are free. So, take full advantage and enjoy.

#2: Omni Network

Omni Network is a layer 1 chain that connects all rollups that use EigenLayer. The platform supports a handful of EVM-compatible rollups like for example, Optimism, Arbitrum, ZKSync, and Starkware. With the Omni Network, developers can build applications across all rollups. The big advantage is that they can do this without fragmenting liquidity. 

So, let’s get going and let’s start using the testnet. This is what we’re going to do, at zero costs!

  1. Set up the Omni wallet
  2. Get Omni testnet tokens
  3. Explore the Omni ecosystem
  4. Earn points for each completed mission.
So, first things first, Let’s complete some Missions. This is Mission 1:
  • Let’s set up the Omni wallet. You can find this info on Chainlist. If you use MetaMask, it’s super easy, just click on ‘add to MetaMask’.
  • Before we can get testnet tokens, we need to complete a task on Galxe. 
  • Now, go to the faucet and add your address to get testnet tokens.  
  • Add the Arbitrum Goerli testnet from Chainlist. Do not use any other links!
  • Add some testnet AGOR through this faucet. 7 You also need some Goerli ETH from a Goerli faucet and bridge that to ‘Arbitrum Goerli’. Using the faucet is easy and fast. Bridging takes about 10 minutes. Use this bridge.
  • Connect the Collar portal and complete a price request. This price request only works once. So, make sure you manage all previous steps. It can take up to 24 or even 48 hours. 
  • Now go to Omni, click on ‘Borrow’ and review the proposal and click ‘Accept’. Do not switch to zkSync if your wallet asks you to do so. Stay on the Omni Network. Here is a video about it.
  • Under ‘Position’ you can check your vault. This shows your freshly secured loan.
  • Don’t forget to complete the task on Galxe and get your OAT.

Mission 2

This is Mission 2:

We’re going to mint our DotOmni domain.

  • You need to complete a few Galxe tasks before you can continue. 
  • I tried the Arbitrum Goerli testnet network first. However, this didn’t work. Apparently, it works again, according to mods in their Discord. But, you can also use the Optimism Goerli testnet.
  • Add this to your wallet with Chainlist.
  • Fund it with testnet ETH.
  • On the website, connect to Optimism Goerli.
  • Enter your preferred domain. If available, click on the green ‘available’ button. It needs to be at least 4 characters or more.
  • Add a couple of years and click register.
  • Go to Galxe to collect your OAT.
  • You’re done.

Omni currently only has 2 missions, so keep checking on their website for updates.

#3: Connext

Connext Network is a protocol that optimizes native blockchain bridge security. Their airdrop was on 5th September. Connect made the snapshot on 1st August. 57,000 unique wallets registered for the airdrop. You can check on this link if you qualify. The token already has a market cap of $6.3 million.

Over 41% of the eligible wallets have already claimed their NEXT. So, don’t hesitate and check if you qualify. Here are some more reminders of active airdrops. 

  • SupraOracles is still going strong. No bridging! You only need to answer questions about the protocol. 
  • Venom has already 18 tasks live, with a handful more to come.

So, do you like these airdrops? Do you take part in any?

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