The 3 Most Critical Altcoins for the Crypto Bull Run

Coins to lead the bull run. This is something where EVERYONE has an opinion.

But hot narratives still rule. After Bitcoin, the 3 hottest narratives will be Infrastructure, Gaming, and AI. So we have one of our top altcoins from each narrative. Let’s see if you agree and like these too. Or maybe you have your ideas you can comment on below.

1) ChainLink (LINK)

Our first pick is in infrastructure. One of our favorite sectors. Chainlink. Chainlink is the leader in the important field of oracles. Oracles bring off-chain information like stock prices in for on-chain use. $10 billion of the total $14 billion in this market is from Chainlink. Link is up almost 110x from its all-time low

And their CCIP is letting blockchains talk to each other more easily. It’s like bridging but different. Users can send data and messages across chains like a bridge with ease. But for developers, that’s where the real innovation is. A project developer gets one simple interface to build out their dApp. Then it’s accessible across many chains.

It answers that question we all have once in a while “I love using ABC dApp. I wish it was available on XYZ chain.” With CCIP, it will be. In a bull market, many new projects come online. Chainlink is a beneficiary here too.

Whether it’s for CCIP or quality Oracle services, every new smart contract project needs Chainlink. They need to get relevant information from off-chain to on-chain. Again, as you’ve heard me say many times before, this is the picks and shovels. The tools all projects need. That’s why we love infrastructure so much as a sector.

Price Action

$LINK, Chainlink’s native token, is the #18 project by market value in the industry. So it’s already a blue chip. One of the big boys. Let’s see how it’s done recently. In the last month, $LINK Is down 12%. But over the last 3 months, the token is up ~25%.

And it’s done well over the last year. In the last 12 months, $LINK is up 146%. That’s a great ROI. And it’s even better, just by a little bit, than Bitcoin’s 133% in the last 12 months. Leading projects in leading, hot narratives are always the best bull market performers. And Chainlink is a leader and we expect it to stay that way.

2) Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is back. Fans will say they never went away and its native token AVAX is up 15x since its all-time low. But they were out of the public eye for a while. Yet, they have kept building and have some great new tools.

First off, the Core Wallet is one of the best native chain wallets we’ve seen. It is both faster AND cheaper than Metamask for Avalanche transactions. It has Bitcoin support too for the Avalanche bridged BTC.b. It has some other amazing features too. Then we have the 3 chain architecture. If you haven’t used Avalanche in a while, you may have forgotten it’s not 1 chain. It’s 3. There’s the:

  • X-Chain, for Exchanges.
  • P-Chain is the platform chain that most subnets use.
  • C-Chain the EVM-compatible chain to link to the rest of the EVM ecosystem.

So when a new subnet launches, its transactions are not taking up space on the C Chain and making EVM transactions slower. There’s no relation at all.

Subnets are becoming a big differentiator for Avalanche too. Games in particular, but also RWA chains are finding a home on Avalanche subnets. With subnets, you get Avalanche security so your dev team can focus on building out the protocol. It’s some of the best of what modular blockchains have to offer.

DeFi Kingdoms is among the more notable games to move to an Avalanche subnet. Games like that there is no delay in transactions along with no lapses in security.

Price Action

AVAX is the #11 project by market value. So this one is a blue chip, too. Like Chainlink. The AVAX token in the last month is up 8.4%. Over the last 3 months, AVAX is up almost 30%. And for the last 12 months, Avalanche is up a huge 173%.

3) Akash

The last one on our list seems to be defying all logic. Unless it’s a little healthy profit-taking, that is. But I am not a trader so I won’t comment on such things. It’s Akash. Yes, we talk about it often. It’s AI. It’s huge and it’s up 23x since its all-time low just a year back. The project is super high-quality. Look at how much leases for GPUs are growing.

And guess what? Over the last 30 days, it’s down 21%. So you are getting great quality at a discount. Akash is not going anywhere for a while. It’s not just AI. It’s the most in-demand part of AI. GPU hardware chips for AI computation.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this part of AI. Every project needs a ton of computing power whether it’s a successful product or not. And Akash is providing infrastructure for AI with its GPU marketplace.

$AKT, the native token of Akash, is now trading on Coinbase too. That’s a big deal for Americans getting access to $AKT. Now, Akash is training its models too. They are not content to only be a GPU marketplace. It’s difficult to see negative scenarios around this project. Truly.

Price Action

That’s why its 21% decline in the last 30 days is puzzling. That said, Akash is up an eye-popping 1300% in the last 12 months. So it definitely could be profit-taking. But still, it’s like a great project that was $1 a month ago is now worth 80 cents.

Does that seem like a better deal to you? Because it sure does to me. So Akash is staying on our radar.



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