Secure Your Spot: Airdrops Coming for 4 Major Altcoins

Still looking for that bag of free money? Well, there hasn’t been a better time for airdrops than right now. The airdrops are coming in left and right, and hard and fast. 

I can understand if you have a hard time keeping up with what exactly is going on. Some recent juicy airdrops were $W, $JUP, and $DYM. But they are done, so here are new ones, that I deem worthy.

As always, use burner wallets and double-check URLs, so you’re always on legit pages. Since, with this airdrop wave, there are also plenty of scammers out there.

1) Restaking

Restaking is one of the big narratives this year. Let me quickly explain what it is. There are 3 forms of staking:

  • Staking You stake your assets, and they’re locked up. You can’t use that liquidity anymore. Low to moderate risk. 
  • Liquid staking — Stake your assets and receive an LST (Liquid Staking Token). You can use these LSTs in DeFi and receive extra rewards. Slightly higher risk but more liquidity.
  • Liquid restaking — Use your LSTs to stake them again. Highest risk but most liquid.

For each option, there’s a difference in liquidity, accessibility, and efficiency. However, with each extra staking step, it also becomes more complex. Restaking protocols are, for example:

Before you can start restaking, you need LSDTs. Here are some platforms where you can get these RSTs:

Before you enter a liquid staking or liquid restaking protocol, do some due diligence. For Restaking protocols, check and compare security, supported assets, and rewards. For liquid staking protocols, make sure you understand the tokenomics. Also, check if there are any regulatory issues to be aware of.

2) Jupiter ($JUP)

Solana is having a busy airdrop month during April. Plenty of projects will start their drops soon or have already been delivered. For example, Wormhole and Zeus Network dropped during the first April days. Kamino, Tensor, Parcl, and Drift are due anytime now. That still leaves two good options to get involved. 

The first one is Jupiter. You can join their governance platform and stake $JUP there. Once you staked $JUP, you can take part in governance voting. LFG voting!

For each proposal you vote on, you qualify for an airdrop. For example, proposal #2, gave you an airdrop of 10 $ZEUS for every 250 staked $JUP. Last week there was the 3rd vote. Not sure what airdrop you will receive. However, for the months between March and June, there’s $50 million $JUP reserved. So, you don’t receive APY or APR, but airdrops.

Another option is to join It pools spare GPU computing power. You have two ways to join their airdrop. To become a GPU supplier, you need to:

  • Download their software.
  • Connect your GPU.
  • Start supplying your GPU.
  • Join Galxe Complete their social media tasks.

Another big airdrop potential is for the Backpack wallet. The team already raised $37 million:

  • Create an account and pass the KYC requirements. 
  • Download the wallet and set up a new wallet or import an existing account. 
  • Now, fund your wallet with $SOL and start trading. 

In general, be active in the Solana ecosystem. For example, buy or sell NFTs on Tensor. This will also qualify you for the $TNSR airdrop. Solana is most certainly claiming its place among the top airdrop chains.

3) The Cosmos Ecosystem

The Cosmos ecosystem is the king of airdrops. So, let’s take a closer look at what’s currently cooking in Cosmos. Elys is an all-in-one DeFi Layer 1 chain:

  • You can join their testnet and start testing. 
  • Get some tokens from their faucet.
  • Now, start making some swaps. You can use $USDC, $ATOM, or $ELYS.
  • Stake tokens in the Earn section and choose Simple Staking.
  • Click ‘Liquidity Mining’. 

You get the idea. Use the platform and provide feedback. You can also complete quests and claim XP points. So much for Elys, but there’s lots more going on in Cosmos. There are plenty of airdrops on the way for $DYM stakers. Currently, I counted 8. For example, liquid stake various Cosmos coins on Stride.

How about joining the Archway drop camp campaign? The Nibiru Chain claim is live. Or, how about two meme coins airdrop claims? Hava and Toro. However, their claims have already expired.

Well, there’s never a dull moment if you stake inside the Cosmos ecosystem. Start by staking $ATOM and expand your footprint in the ecosystem. The current top staking platform to receive airdrops, besides Atom, is Dymension.

4) Linea

I expect the Linea airdrop to be massive. It’s backed by Consensys, the same team that’s behind MetaMask. In 5 rounds, Consensys already raised $725 million. Linea already had various campaigns that have finished by now. The most recent one was on Layer 3, the Linea Park quests. 

During every campaign, you can earn LXP. At some stage, once Linea launches its token, you can swap it for the Linea token. Now, in April, a new program will start. That’s the ‘Linea Voyage: Surge.’ It’s the last part of their ‘Voyage’ series. This one is all about bringing liquidity to their ecosystem.

During the Surge, you can collect LXP-L. This will track liquidity on Linea. So, get active in the Linea DeFi ecosystem and start depositing liquidity now. A minimum deposit of 0.1 ETH/wETH before the Surge starts will give you a booster. 

It will last for 6 months, or until they reach $3 billion in TVL. So, get these boosters in place and follow Linea’s social media. So, do you take part in any of the mentioned airdrops? Or did I miss your favorite airdrop? 



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