GameGPT Launches DUEL with ProtocolTalis

PRISM introduced DUEL, a new digital currency. It is part of their GameGPT platform.

They aim to change the AI and blockchain gaming industry. Let’s discover more about how GameGPT is developing this new token.

Revolutionizing Blockchain Gaming with PRISM’s DUEL

It lets players exchange digital assets, making transactions easier and faster. DUEL removes the tech barriers that often hamper the gaming industry. So, PRISM offers one-click payments that increase accessibility and user engagement.

DUEL is a smart move by enabling a decentralized token system. This is to ensure the platform can adapt and last in the fast-changing blockchain gaming industry. So, DUEL’s ecosystem aims to solve challenges. It focuses on assets, scalability, and user experience.

The partnership between GameGPT and ProtocolTalis will combine its features and could lead the gaming industry. It could bring novel gaming experiences or integrate AI into gaming protocols.

With adaptive gaming, players can have unique gaming experiences. 

How to Get a Chance to Mint an NFT

Anyone participating in GameGPT’s airdrop will have the chance to mint a special commemorative NFT. The collaboration is yet to reveal more about the NFT. But, it also comes with utilities and benefits for the platform. For example, it might allow early access to games. It could also unlock play-to-earn goodies and level-up qualities through experience gains.

There’s a lot more to it. For example, there’s a bonus for staking the NFT. Also, by staking the NFT for at least after minting you will be eligible to participate in a lottery. Further, winners will also receive a portion of the DUEL prize pool. Enjoy Minting your NFT!

$DUEL Airdrop Season 2

Through GameGPT $DUEL airdrops, blockchain projects can give away free tokens to current holders. Early adopters and fans of the GameGPT ecosystem will get $DUEL tokens. It includes the $DUEL Airdrop Season 2.

The purpose of the airdrop season 2 is to promote involvement and active participation in the network. Here are some important indicators from the $DUEL airdrop:

  • The token distribution: The initial airdrop for season 2 accounts for 2.25% of the total supplied tokens.
  • Eligibility: To be eligible, users need to sync their wallets. They must also verify their engagement through the wallet’s interface.
  • Claim Process: After successful verification, participants will receive a notification confirming their token receipt, and the tokens will be credited to their wallets.

Note that the $DUEL token has many functions in the GameGPT $DUEL ecosystem. It is for transactions and governance.


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The goal is to push the limits of NFTs. This will give creators a place to show their digital projects. It will give collectors a safe, easy way to find, get, and use unique digital assets



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