Samsung's TX1 Project: Web3 on 200M+ Smart TVs

This initiative will expand access to the blockchain, seamlessly integrating it with everyday technology.

The TX1 project uses Polygon PoS to create a unified, interoperable environment across Samsung’s smart TVs.

TX1 Project: Unified Blockchain Ecosystem on Samsung Smart TVs

This will allow users to engage with digital assets and blockchain functionalities easily. In partnership with Web3 leaders like worldofwomennft, Illuvium, Ledger, and Wilder World, Samsung is upgrading its smart TV capabilities. This partnership is also setting a new standard for entertainment and digital interaction.

Starting yesterday, Samsung has rolled out an exclusive Web3 TV Bundle. This bundle includes a smart TV, a Ledger wallet for secure digital asset storage, and a variety of NFTs to start users’ collections.

Moreover, the introduction of the NFT TV App is a pivotal component of this initiative. This app enables users to manage and interact with their NFTs directly through their Samsung smart TV. This seamless integration of Web3 into widely-used devices highlights Samsung’s dedication to technological innovation and accessibility.

More About Polygon

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By integrating these functionalities into the Polygon network, Swell is facilitating a more efficient and dynamic ecosystem, empowering users to maximize their investments and engagement in decentralized finance.



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