Bitcoin is in the spotlight again. There are many reasons. For example, it leads the current bull run. Or, how about the fact that the halving is only a week away? Runes are also making an impact. So, the whole Bitcoin ecosystem is experiencing a positive development. Tectum is part of Bitcoin’s ecosystem, with its flagship SoftNote.  

There are some interesting updates and news about Tectum and its SoftNote. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these.

What Is a SoftNote?

The SoftNote is a payment system that doesn’t track transactions. As a result, it has a fast transaction time and very low fees. That’s very much in contrast with your typical Bitcoin payment options. They are real bills, filled with liquidity like paper money. Their current denominations are BTC, ETC, and USDT. They are a great way to scale Bitcoin. Since you can use them off-chain, you can transact privately if you want to.

Tectum has the fastest blockchain in the crypto space. SoftNotes are always free to use for the end users. The merchants pick up the transaction fee. Hence, they are a great tool for micropayments or international transfers. The picture below shows how fast the Tectum blockchain is.


Source: SoftNote

Tectum and SoftNote Updates

When we look at Tectum or SoftNotes updates, we can’t bypass the $TET token. It’s Tectum’s native token. Among others, you can use it to buy SoftNotes. Now, you can store $TET in the Tectum or SoftNote Wallet. This wallet works on Tectum’s T12 network. Like the token, this is Tectum’s native wallet. 

This wallet lets you convert or transfer BTC instantly. Compared to other networks, you only pay a fraction of transaction costs. The Tectum wallet also offers instant and multichain settlement. At the same time, it remains integrated with the Bitcoin network. 

Although Bitcoin is a PoW chain, you can stake the $TET token. TET stands for Tectum Emission Token. Currently, holders already stake 910K $TET. You need to stake on the T12 network; hence the Tectum Wallet is the perfect choice. Furthermore, there’s already a TVL (total value locked) of 23.9 million. 

Tectum also saw 59,200 SoftNote Wallets in use. There’s also an increase of 1,200 new user wallets. For example, users already minted 1,730,015 SoftNote bills. Out of these, they already filled 2,723 bills with liquidity. This gives a potential liquidity of $933 million. So, as you can see, the Tectum Wallet plays a crucial role in both the Tectum and SoftNote ecosystems. Here you can sign up for the SoftNote Wallet.

Development Updates

With the development updates, we enter a more technical environment. So, bear with me, I will make it as easy-to-understand as possible. On the other hand, to bring progress and innovation to a project, you need these updates. A team needs to keep building. This is something that the Tectum team keeps proving time after time. These insights are what keeps Tectum driving forward.

So, let’s take a closer look at what the Tectum team and developers came up with.

  • New denominations added for $BTC Blue Bills.
  • Development of a microservice for minting SoftNotes.
  • New Explorer layout.
  • Service refactoring done inside personal account.
  • Telegram Bot created for staking pool updates to keep community updated.
  • Last unlock was finally completed.
  • Technical support.
  • Fork nodes are now wrapped & functioning on the T12 network.

All these improvements have one thing in common. They either make the network better, safer, or easier to use.

That’s it for the development updates. As already mentioned, it may sound technical, but it is very much needed. It propels the network forward.


The Tectum team keeps building. During bear and bull markets. This results in various new updates and developments. We took a look at the most recent updates. There’s also a refresher about SoftNotes. What they are and what they do.

The current $TET price is $24.55. It has a market cap of $179.5 million. Out of the 10 million max and total supply, already 7.3 million tokens circulate. You can buy $TET, among others, at SmarDex, MEXC, Bitget, and Gate.



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