Top Crypto Partnerships — April, Week 2

Every week there is a lot of movement in the crypto industry, and now that we are approaching the Bitcoin Halving, even more so. 

And one of the things that are happening more now is alliances between different companies. So, without further ado, let’s see what our crypto partnerships are happening in the second week of April.


DYORDEX is an advanced charting and analysis platform designed for crypto token projects. This platform provides important features for developers. For example: smart contract deployment, liquidity control, and social media management. Also, it includes listing a reliable vendor, and all the other tools- one interface.

Furthermore, DYORDEX also offers swaps that are 33% cheaper than Uniswap. It also has 1.5x faster than 1Inch and is 60% cheaper in gas fees. This platform has other trading features like auto trading and Anti  Rug/Honeypot/MEV tech. Recently, DYORDEX entered into a marketing partnership with  Zetachain and Easy X.


QORPO WORLD is a platform that creates web3 games. It allows gamers to participate in the gaming process and make his/her living on their skills.

What makes QORPO WORLD different is that they use Unreal Engine 5 in their games and make Web3 features accessible to Web2  users. With QORPO WORLD, gamers can:

  • Explore.

  • Download.

  • Rate games.

  • Manage digital assets.

  • Discover NFTs.

  • Earn, buy/sell/trade rare NFTs.

  • Compete in e-sports tournaments. move up the rating scale, and fraternize with friends all via an easy-to-use interface.

Also, QORPO WORLD partnered with Revolving Games and the Rcade Foundation. This partnership opens the way for an ecosystem expansion to onboard the next billion gamers.

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Mixie AI is a game engine with advanced tools that prevent people from coding to build web3 games. The goal of the platform is to make game creation easier and faster for all passionate web3 gamers.

This platform applies AI engineering that helps to save time and resources for users to want to create authentic gameplay. Mixie AI announced its partnership with Hourglass (WAIT).


KIMA is a decentralized platform that settles money transfers that provide a reliable background. It involves all types of assets: crypto tokens, fiat, CBDC, and RWA tokens. KIMA is the first system to apply security measures via hardware solutions to meet high Web3 standards.  KIMA has two very important features:

  • Cross-chain support: Applications built on KIMA can operate on any compatible chain.

  • Ready-to-Use Blocks: Developers can build applications in KIMA with this feature. Also, they partnered with FreeBnk to integrate KIMA’s payment solutions into FreeBnk. KIMA aims to fill the gap between TradFi & DeFi with Patex through seamless asset exchanges.

5) Aether Games

Aether Games is a transmedia studio that aims to provide gamers with leveraged experiences. This is possible via games, series, and interactive AI technology. Gaming and empowering the traditional players is the brand’s flagship. This company has two initiatives:

  • The Aether: It is a trading card P2E game that enables players to own, trade, and compete with the cards. It runs on the Polygon network.

  • Aether Saga: It is a CGI 3D cinematic dark fantasy series that immerses the viewer into the fantasy land of Aether.

Aether Games’ wants to help web2 gamers explore and adopt Web3 game features. Also, they announced a partnership with Vanarchain to join its testnet ecosystem. Companies like Engines of Fury and LayerZero_Labs will bridge $AEG to other chains.



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