The BEST $1500 Crypto Portfolio for 2024

A simple question we get asked all the time at Altcoin Buzz. If you had $1500 to invest, what would you buy?

Well today, after talking with our crack Research Team, here are 3 of our favorites from our crypto portfolio. Ready to see what we are buying? Let’s check it out.

1) Polkadot (DOT)

So if I only had $1500 to invest, where would I look? Ecosystem growth is a big deal as all the projects that were built during the bear market are starting to reap the benefits now. So that means big Layer 1 chains and interoperability chains have a big opportunity in this market. Especially, if you believe as I do, that the future is multi-chain. So with that in mind, my first pick is Polkadot.

I must admit I don’t have a ton of new stuff about Polkadot to report. We just did a whole video on this topic of the bullish case for Polkadot where we looked at:

  • The addition of native USDC to use or move across parachains.
  • All the parachain and crowd loan-related forced long-term holders of DOT. And how the parachain ecosystem is growing fast.
  • Technological improvements like sharding allow a validator to confirm transactions on different parachains at the same time.
  • And other great stuff happening at Polkadot too.

Despite all these reasons that the entire DOT ecosystem wants to and has to hold DOT, its price is lagging the market. Often we don’t discuss prices in this comparative way. But DOT is up only 0.2% in the last 12 months. Other big blue chip chains like:

  • Solana is up 308%.
  • ETH is up 42.8%.
  • Chainlink is up 142%.
  • Bitcoin is up 87%.

Have far outpaced DOT on price growth. And other than Solana, which many just left for dead and came back to life, ETH did not do 42% better in 2023 than DOT did. It’s a simple thesis to me. If you think DOT will continue to grow OR continue or improve its position as a blue chip crypto project, then it’s at a bargain now compared to its other blue chip peers.

2) Solana (SOL)

As I just said a minute ago, I think many in crypto left Solana for dead. Especially with the FTX effect hanging over it. And as I said earlier, SOL is up 308% in the last 12 months as it came back from the dead to become relevant again. So why is it on my $1500 list if it’s already done a 3x?

Well first, the momentum is positive and moving fast. We can all see that. But there are a couple of other reasons that SOL should look bullish for this market.

  • Memecoins

We don’t talk about memecoins here. And there’s a specific reason why. They are a gamble. But we also have to admit that crypto investors like to gamble. Memecoins have a place in the market. And Solana is the home to all the huge popping memecoins right now.

And all of them, no matter what silly names they have like BONK or BananaCat need SOL to trade in and out of them. The SOL memecoin market is almost 1 billion dollars. Which is amazing since a year ago, it was more or less ZERO.

  • The New Retail Chain

Even without memecoins, this is the center of our bull case for Solana. They are doing more than most chains to become THE dominant retail crypto user chain. They are definitely #1 or #2 to ETH in the NFT market. Magic Eden is right there with OpenSea.

The Jupiter DEX is doing more daily volume than Uniswap now. Solana dApps have the reputation of being the easiest to use with the least friction. And although there a couple of excellent EVM wallets like Rabby, Trust Wallet, and Argent, both Phantom and Solflare have a much smoother experience than Metamask or most wallets that support EVM.

With the super low fees and high transaction throughput, Solana is a serious contender to be the retail chain. Yes, it’s a VC chain and not very decentralized. And you know what, ETH is not that decentralized either. So pick your poison. Have you been using Solana more often recently? What are your favorite apps and protocols there? Let us know in the comments.


And last for today where we’ve spent $1500 is Kujira. You already know that we like this project. A LOT. It’s in our Master Portfolio. That’s no accident. Kujira is a “real yield” chain with dApps and a fast-growing ecosystem. Its focus is DeFi and financial services via crypto for the masses.

But the yield is genuine. It comes from the protocol fees that Kujira earns like on their FIN dex. Kujira means whale in Japanese and their motto is “Everyone deserves to be a whale”. And this is reflected in services like Orca that let you bid on liquidated loan assets at a discount. You can see here this is a bid market on liquidated ATOM. Before Orca, only market makers, insiders, or others in a preferable position could bid on these assets.

Now anyone can with Orca on Kujira. To say we are big fans is an understatement of how much we align with what’s important to Kujira. Like Solana rising from the dead, 2023 is the year people started to discover Kujira. KUJI is up 278% in the last 12 months. It’s also down 33% in the last month so there is a little bit of a correction and profit-taking going on.

But that’s ok with us. We just see it as a better buying opportunity. We see no reason why this could not be 15x or 20x and become a $10 billion market cap project by the time this run is over.


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