These are the Portfolios of Leading Crypto Investors

Being informed in the crypto space can give you an edge. It may allow you to find gems or other good deals. There are many ways how you can become or stay informed. In this article, we discuss one such way.

We will look into the wallets of leading crypto investors. For this, we will check their portfolios. As a result, you may get some insider information.

1) Galaxy Digital

The first of today’s crypto investors we’re going to look at is Galaxy Digital. They are a broker and dealer. In the US, they have a registration under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. To check on all today’s crypto investors’ wallets, we use Arkham Intelligence. This is an on-chain analysis platform.

Now, we found 3 wallets that belong to Galaxy Digital. So, we’re going to take a look at them with Arkham.

Wallet 1 = 0x15abb66bA754F05cBC0165A64A11cDed1543dE48

The first thing that I noticed, is that changes in this portfolio are immediately around $100k. This is in stark contrast to my wallets. Up or down movements are around $100 or $200. The next thing we can see is that the size of this wallet is $89 million. 

The Arkham UI provides good information on this wallet’s portfolio. It shows the current price of an asset. Furthermore, we can see the holdings and the current value. ETH dominates this wallet with a balance of $57.84 million. wBTC and USDC follow with $15.82 and $10.82 respectively. Combined, that’s almost 92% of the wallet’s value. Maker (MKR) is the only non-stablecoin that exceeds a value of over $1 million, with $1.44m. All other coins are ‘dust’, starting with Chiliz at $39 and going down in value from there.

Another thing I noticed, is that they deposited $329 million on FTX. That’s 30% of the wallets’ value over time. However, they only withdrew $569k. So, this might indicate that Galaxy lost assets when FTX went under.

It’s also an active wallet, the last transactions dates back only 12 hours ago. That includes the 378 wBTC. See the picture below. The two other Galaxy wallets are;

1) 0x4ADF44961a7CBe8EE46B2bf04E7198e879677825

2) 0x46f34C24A7bA7a2Ac6DD76c3F09B32D41C144d08

You can use Arkham to look at them.

Crypto investors

Source: Arkham 

2) Maven 11 Capital

Maven 11 Capital is an investment fund. Their focus is on DLT or distributed ledger technology and blockchains

Wallet 1 = 0x1D812A7E929D4dBe237926ED8e7c31434b9Ab469

Their first wallet is also active. The last transaction was a week ago. This wallet’s current total value is $22 million. DAI, a stablecoin, takes up almost half of that figure with $10 million.

For the following nine assets, we see values ranging from $3.2 million (rETH) to $530k (FXS). The rest is either dust or shows an empty balance. On the other hand, this wallet doesn’t show any interaction with FTX. Although, last week, the wallet withdrew $8.5 million worth of USDC. You can see a gradual and slow buildup of assets in this wallet since March 2022. It’s also interesting to see that this wallet deposited $26 million on exchanges. However, it took out over $62 million.

Wallet 2 = 0xa1D57592fb5dbb9035a730a09Ba883cf13B1a7aa

Their second wallet has a value of $4.8 million. $4.44 million is the $BEAM token. The balance is 182 ETH. Maven 11 purchased BEAM within the last 24 hours. The picture below shows Maven 11 wallet #1.

Crypto investors

Source: Arkham 

3) Nascent

Nascent is a VC or venture capitalist. They see themselves as builders who help early-stage founders. Some of the projects they work with are Optimism, Etherscan, and Osmosis.

Wallet 1 = 0xbb8971e2f6D29ef9E56768caf23D0e11e9385d62

This wallet has a current value of $11.4 million. The majority is with wBTC with a value of $8.89 million. MKR takes second spot with $2 million, and ARB is in third spot with $457k. We also see ETH and stETH, with serious enough value. After that, it turns into dust. The last transaction dates to 3 weeks ago.

Nascent deposited $60.86 million into FTX. However, they only withdrew $352k. That looks like a serious loss for them. However, there’s a second wallet, 0xCB33844b365c53D3462271cEe9B719B6Fc8bA06A. In this wallet, they deposited $76 million to FTX. However, here they withdrew $160 million from FTX. So, it seems they made up for their loss in wallet 1.

Crypto investors

Source: Arkham  


We looked into some bigger crypto investors’ wallets. This can give you an edge or inside information. Having this edge in crypto can help you build your portfolio. We used the wallet analytical tool of Arkham to dissect the available VC wallets. The inspiration for this article came from this X thread. 


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