This is the #1 Best Crypto Wallet for DeFi

Not your keys, not your coins! Sounds familiar? You must have seen and heard this many times. It’s about your non-custodial wallet. By controlling the private keys of a digital wallet, you also control the assets in that wallet.

So, first, never share those private keys. But secondly, what crypto wallet to use? There are so many options and chains. Many chains ask you to have a separate wallet. Specific to their chain. That’s where I want to introduce the XDEFI Wallet to you. 

This crypto wallet can handle 34 chains. This includes EVM chains, Cosmos IBC chains, and also Solana, Bitcoin, BNB and more. All in one wallet. It’s also the first and only wallet that allows bridging between both Ethereum and Cosmos tokens. Here is its Chrome extension.

What Is XDEFI Wallet?

Let’s start out with a closer look at what XDEFI Wallet is. I will show you what it can do. First off, the digital crypto wallet market is competitive. You probably heard or have a MetaMask or Trust Wallet. In Cosmos, it’s the same with a Keplr, or Phantom in Solana.

So, I want to show why XDEFI stands out. So, let’s look at it, for instance,

  • The latest integration is with Osmosis, the swap protocol in the IBC. 
  • They also integrated Squid Router, powered by Axelar.

This allows you to transfer any supported asset into the Cosmos ecosystem with only 1 click. It took less than 4 minutes. Costs were around $1.65. As a result, there’s no more need for using various third-party bridges and Dapps. This is unique, and no other wallet can do this.

To recap this part. Besides being the best wallet to get in and out of Cosmos, it’s also the best wallet for Ethereum AND Cosmos. As you see here, we are swapping USDC on Polygon for ATOM. You can see the routing and see behind the scenes what’s really going on,

  • Bridge USDC to axlUSDC. (Axelar Supported)
  • Swap axlUSDC for ATOM.

XDEFI supports around 80% of all tokens on CoinGecko. But, since we’re talking about Cosmos, it supports 14 of the top Cosmos chains. This is also great news for our Americans readers. It’s easy for them to swap in and out of ATOM.

Integrated Swap

There’s also an integrated swap. I had 100 USDC and swapped 20 USDC into MATIC. Make sure you have some MATIC to start, so you can pay for the transaction fees. It took me around 4 minutes to swap $20 USDC into 27 MATIC.

So, for the swap part, XDEFI Wallet supports Ledger and Trezor. However, here is the most interesting part. You can swap and bridge between 10,000 assets on 34 chains in-wallet. Now, this is impressive. 

What I also like is that all your assets from every chain are displayed on a single screen. Let’s take a look at this.

XDEFI’s Single Screen Display

The XDEFI Wallet displays all your assets on one screen. I find this convenient. It’s also different from how MetaMask and Trust Wallet display assets. Let me show you. XDEFI shows you the total amount of USDT or any other token that you have across all chains. Remember, in one display! 

Now you can click a dropdown menu and see which chains your USDT is on. This is very much unlike MetaMask. Here you can only see the amount of USDT on a particular chain. Or, for instance, Trust Wallet. This shows that you have 5 tokens for USDT, but you can’t see the total number.

XDEFI works differently. It has two important differences, and they make it more convenient to use.

  • You can see how much of a particular token you have in total. For example, $10 USD.
  • AND you can also switch the view to how many tokens you have on a particular network. So, $5 USD on Avalanche and $5 on Arbitrum. 

Furthermore, when you click on the logo, it allows you to copy the wallet address for that specific asset. I must say that I like this feature a lot. But that’s not all, XDEFI also stores NFTs. It’s time to look at this feature.

NFTs in XDEFI Wallet

NFTs in the XDEFI Wallet work in a new, innovative way. Instead of seeing all your NFTs in the respective chain, XDEFI shows them all in one gallery! 

I like this and it’s very convenient. So, let me show you in this video how this works. As you can see, you can click on an NFT, and all kinds of information appears. Including on which chain the NFT is. They’re all in one gallery. However, you can also view them in their respective chains’ gallery.

Now, what I like about this section, is that the wallet also supports Bitcoin inscriptions. You may know them as Ordinals. And the great thing is, that they show up in your gallery. Exactly the same as all your other NFTs.

More Features That Make XDEFI Wallet Stand Out

XDEFI Wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet. In other words, there’s no need for a KYC procedure. You may also remember the controversy surrounding Consensys recently. They own MetaMask, and they were tracking IP addresses on MetaMask. XDEFI doesn’t do that!

XDEFI also offers great chat support. The staff answers any of your questions. They are also very responsive. For example, they solved 1,900 support tickets this year during the first 5 months this year. 

You can also easily import any wallet into XDEFI. For example, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or Phantom (Solana). However, you can also import your Keplr, without having to unstake your IBC assets.

The team is working on an XDEFI Gas Tank. This is coming up in October or November. Let me explain what this is.

  • XDEFI is working on a unique gas abstraction feature. 
  • You will be able to pay for gas on any XDEFI-supported chain. 
  • You can do this via a ‘gas tank’ which you can fund with stablecoins or $XDEFI.
  • So, you never need to worry about having the right gas tokens in your wallet to try out a new chain or product.
  • Most importantly, this will work on Cosmos, ETH, NEAR, Solana – any supported chain.

XDEFI has 195,000 weekly active users. They grew at 140% in 2022 and so far 30% this year despite the bear market. 

As you can see, XDEFI is a great crypto wallet. It has already a very good reputation, and it’s a user-friendly wallet for beginners. Don’t forget to install XDEFI wallet, here’s the link again!

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