Coins under $1. We always get backlashed in comments for talking about under $1 or cheap altcoins. I don’t understand why. See, not all of us can afford to buy crypto worth thousands of dollars, be it Bitcoin or ETH every time. I cannot.

So I always keep looking for cheap 20X-100X altcoins. And it’s true not all of those picks will give me the best results, but even if one of the picks does, that would mean big profits. Hence, here I am back with a list of three altcoins under or around $1, which are good deals. Join me on this journey and find out why my research team and I picked them.

#1: Aleph Zero (AZERO)

Aleph Zero is my first pick of these altcoins. This protocol is all about privacy. That’s a topic we like here at Altcoin Buzz. We also already talked quite a bit about Aleph Zero. Here’s a deep dive video from four months ago. However, a lot has changed in these four months. So, let’s take a look at some new updates.

There are plenty of new additions to the ecosystem. However, two big homemade products are still waiting for their launch this year.

  • Liminal 1.0: This should launch during Q4. This is their privacy-enhancing layer. In 2024, we should see the launch of Liminal 2.0. This is the full version. 
  • Common: This is their DEX. It will deal with the issues of MEV. That’s the Maximal Extractable Value. For example, it allows front running. Common will deal with the negative and positive aspects of MEV.

Recent additions are:

  • The Aleph Zero Dashboard: Here you can organize your AZERO holdings. For example, stake or view performances of staking pools.
  • Aleph Zero Signer: Manage your accounts and sign Dapps.
  • idOS – An open-source, chain-agnostic solution designed to be the identity layer of web3. 

Aleph Zero Ecosystem

The ecosystem also saw plenty of new additions. For instance, most recently, we saw.

  • Azero.ID: The first domain service that keeps your wallets and transactions private.
  • Ledger: The AZERO app is in the auditing stage. Soon, Ledger will be available for AZERO.
  • Abax: A lending protocol.

Another great feature of Aleph Zero is the cheap gas fees. Even if AZERO does a x1000, the gas fees won’t be much higher than $0.50. Also, the team is active and keeps building during this bear market. So, it appears that all systems are going with Aleph Zero. With the current price of AZERO is $0.80 and a $194.7 million market cap, AZERO is currently a steal.

#2: Morpheus Network (MNW)

With Morpheus Network, we move into the supply chain. To be more specific, they are a middleware solution. In other words, legacy systems can build on top of Morpheus. For example, DHS, FedEx, UPS, AccessPay, or Swift. So, Morpheus wants to automate and optimize supply chain operations.

It also boasts a global settlement option. This means that payments can be in any currency, settled by SWIFT. It also has automated smart contracts for fast payments. A feature that stands out is that it is compliance-focused. Morpheus further optimizes the supply chain with developments like,

  • IoT, or the Internet of Things. This allows you to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems. You can use the internet or other communications networks.
  • RFID tech or radio frequency identification. This allows for identifying and tracking tags attached to objects.

Morpheus is doing well and has a great future. That’s because there are still 28.5 billion paper documents per year in use in the supply chain. So, this proves that the supply chain isn’t as automated as you may think. Many jurisdictions still need paper documents. This paper trail can slow the supply chain down. With blockchain technology, Morpheus offers a traceable and verifiable solution. You can clear these digital documents (dDOCs) in minutes rather than days or weeks. 

As mentioned earlier, Morpheus is middleware. This means that it is blockchain-agnostic. So, it can adapt to blockchains. As a business model, it uses software as a service (SaaS). So, plenty of growth and opportunity for this platform.

Finally, the MNW token is currently just above $1.15. With a $43.3 million market cap, you have another great deal on your hands.

#3: Kaspa (KAS)

The last one of today’s altcoins is Kaspa. Kaspa is a Proof-of-Work chain. It’s also completely open source. This means that there’s no central governance. Furthermore, its KAS token saw a fair launch. If you’re not familiar with this, it means there was no pre-mining or other pre-allocation. So, among PoW chains, Kaspa is the fastest chain. It also offers the most scalable instant confirmation transactions. For example, it has a 1-second block time. 

That’s slightly different compared to Bitcoin, which has a 10-minute block time. The team tries to improve this block time. This is ideal for smart contracts and DeFi. Kaspa uses a blockDAG. Now, a DAG is a Directed Acyclic Graph. This allows for parallel confirmation of blocks. In contrast to a standard blockchain, that uses a linear system. In other words, a long chain of single blocks.

It also uses the GhostDAG protocol. This protocol makes sure that blocks created in parallel are not orphaned. Instead, they can coexist. The graph shows how this works. So, let’s look at some key features of Kaspa:

  • Fast transactions, within 10 seconds.
  • Instant confirmation.
  • Scalable because it can generate and confirm many blocks per second. 
  • Efficient PoW, it’s less energy intensive.
  • Secure.
  • BlockDAG, this allows parallel block production.
Kaspa Wallets

Kaspa has its own mobile/web wallet. It also offers the KDX desktop wallet. Dapps that are already built on Kaspa, include:

So, as you can see, lots going on at Kaspa. The current KAS token price is at $0.0499. However, it already has a $1 billion market cap. Nonetheless, in 1 year it went up by 884%. So, another great deal to be had.

Do you like any of these three altcoins? Or do you already own their tokens? 

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