TOP 5 LSDs on Bitcoin with HUGE potential

LSDs are gaining popularity due to their capacity to improve Bitcoin functioning. With it, users can earn very important APRs ranging from 15 to 60%.

Apart from this, entering into these protocols might lead you to have tokens like $JTO or $ENA 2.0. In this article, you will explore five top LSDs projects and outline their airdrop strategies.

1) Bounce Bit

With Bounce Bit, users can lock liquidity and receive points that they can sell over the counter or at the launch stage. Recently, Binance Labs put money into this project, showing that there is very good potential in it.

To enter into an airdrop, clients must connect their  X accounts and wallets, and deposit assets in BSC/ETH networks. This way, and by referring people, they will be able to claim points.

2) Mezo Network

Mezo Network supports EVM dapps and uses BTC for fee payments. It’s backed by reputable investors such as Hack  VC, Mulcoin Capital, and Pantera Capital. Also, this initiative raised $21 million.

To participate in the airdrop, users need to join Discord by an invitation code. Also, users need to deposit BTC and choose a lock period.

3) Building on Bob

Build on Bob is the first L2 solution for BTC that combines the liquidity and security of BTC  & ETH. The company raised $10 million from investors such as Castle Capital, IOSG, and CMS.

To participate in the airdrop, users need to connect their wallet and  X accounts. Then, deposit their tokens with Boost based on the token deposited.

4) BSquared Network

BSquared Network is a Bitcoin layer-2 solution that uses zero-knowledge proof verification to execute transactions. They raised $3  million from Asian venture capitalists.

To participate in their airdrop, users need to add B2 Network to their wallet, and then download B2 Wallet Proxy. Finally, they need to test tokens from a faucet by completing tasks and locking funds in the platform.

5) Merlin Layer 2

Merlin Layer 2 is an ecosystem L2 launchpad, featuring LSD protocols on Bitcoin. They have been funding different projects through IDOs with more than 300 influencers within their base.

To participate in their airdrop, users need to link their wallets through deposits, making sure they pay a transaction fee while staking Bitcoins.

Bitcoin’s Layer 2 solutions are getting better every day thus providing more alternatives for users to stake and receive rewards.



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