Many talented devs are building for a range of use cases within the ecosystem already. Plus, Aleph Zero it’s been building a very active community since its launch.

So we decided to keep track of this interesting blockchain by picking the best picks from the Aleph Zero ecosystem.

Project #1: Synthr

Omnichain Synthetic asset protocol on multiple chains, like ETH, BNB, AVAX, ARB, MATIC, SUI, etc. Caters for synthetic asset traders, regardless of their initial trading capital. Aims to provide multichain liquidity and interoperability between chains, with no slippage.

For its features, Synthr allows users to mint (or borrow) synthetic assets by putting up a stablecoin as collateral. It uses its borrowed syAsset to make a profit and reclaim its locked stablecoin while keeping its profit.

synthr aleph zero

Source: Twitter

For its technology, Synthr provides guaranteed and instant finality across ecosystems using a trustless method of valid delivery. This is facilitated by an independent oracle and relayer. Thus making cross-chain communication infrastructure similarly secure to an oracle.

This project is active and its strategy is that it’s taking the multi-chain approach head-on. It’s also getting a lot of grants from many foundations. So, that’ll mean they’re more likely to create a product and to succeed.

Project #2: Common

Common is a DEX with privacy-enhancing features. With said features, Common is able to solve the Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) problem. Also, it reduces the number of front-running trades on its DEX. Similar to Synthr, Common is also taking a multi-chain approach. It’s aiming to integrate with ETH, NEAR, SOL, and KSM as well.

For its features, Common is building a DEX which allows users to swap and provide liquidity. Similar to many other DEXs, liquidity providers earn a profit from trading fees on Common’s DEX. Users can earn $CMN tokens from this as well. Common also hopes to release a native wallet for users to store digital assets on the Aleph Zero chain.

common aleph zero

Source: Common

For its technology, it’s able to operate fast since it’s built on Aleph Zero. This means sub-second finality and high TPS. Aside from that, the bridges and architecture will be rigorously audited. This improves the security of Common’s DEX and linked bridges.

What I like about the project is its willingness to offer more. Privacy-enhancing features, a wallet, and an interchain strategy. However, doing more means taking more time. So, I expect Common to ship out slowly compared to just pure DEX platforms on Aleph Zero, like Andromeda or Panorama Swap.

Project #3: AngelBlock

AngelBlock allows for non-custodial & on-chain fundraising, transparent vesting, and automated token distribution. Basically, it allows investors to participate in token sales and provide liquidity to DEXes.

For its features, the automated token distribution is an on-chain vesting system that makes sure that investors get the token investments they pay for, and that the smart contacts used deliver the correct tokens, in the correct amounts, to the right investors. It also incorporates a milestone-based value distribution system and Decentralizing governance with the AngelBlock DAO.

angelblock review

Source: Twitter

Within the ecosystem, validators, active participant, participating investor, or web3 project is rewarded with $Thol tokens. Apart from Aleph Zero, AngelBlock has partnered with Stakefish and Chorus One. It has backers like Pantera Capital, Multicoin Capital, and Spartan Capital. They give access to a large pool of capital and expertise.

Recently re-launched their Startup Grant Program with backing from Nicholas Martin, EthWarsaw, and Euro Tech School. The program will continue on a rolling basis.

Also, AngelBlock’s first raise for SOLA-X will take place at the end of this month. Here’s how to participate in the SOLA-X raise with staking $THOL:

  • Priority access: Investors who stake $THOL will have priority access to the SOLA-X token sale. This means that they will be able to buy SOLA-X tokens before other investors.
  • Larger ticket sizes: Investors who stake $THOL tokens will be able to buy larger ticket sizes of SOLA-X tokens. This means that they will be able to invest more money in the project.
  • Discounts: Investors who stake $THOL tokens may be eligible for discounts on the price of SOLA-X tokens. You can participate here.

Angel block review

Source: Twitter
  • Compliance and Security:
    • Incorporates KYC/AML standards.
    • Compliant with the global standard of EU 2015/849 Directive.
    • Working with the new EU MiCA framework.

Also, this project offers a tranche mechanism for funding, community governance and open access. So users can participate in funding rounds for small investors and get VC investor protections. Plus, I feel $THOL is undervalued as compared to its peers. It has a good active community of 10k+ on Twitter and Discord.

Project #4: ArtZero

ArtZero is an NFT marketplace for the Aleph Zero and Astar blockchains. It allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital artworks. It aims to provide multi-chain support and build a provide ecosystem funds for NFT projects in the Aleph Zero ecosystem.

Recently, it became a part of Astar Network’s Builder’s Program to allow a staking feature on the project. Also, the team has developed their native Praying Mantis Predators (PMP) NFT collection. It can be staked by the buyer for additional privileges, such as discounted platform fees. Its partner is Subwallet and C14 and its Backer is 32Ventures.

ArtZero review

Source: Twitter

This project has sustainable income streams through a 5% transaction fee on NFT sales with a possible 90% reduction. Also, NFT collection, launchpad projects, and rewards from the validator node.

Future plans earlier this month is that they launched Ink Whale, a staking and yield farming platform. This will have its token launchpad in Q2-2023, and Orderbook DEX probably in Q3-2023.

I think ArtZero can potentially be a game-changer once the privacy layer when is fully implemented. So, Artzero could cater to artists and creators to profit from their work using NFTs.

Project #5: 1DRKVRS

DRKVRS is an R-rated cosmic horror metaverse that combines elements of role-playing games (RPGs) and social platforms. Basically, players would interact with other players and complete quests in the DRKVRS WORLD.

Marcin Kobyleck is the co-founder and CEO, who previously worked on video games “The Witcher” and “Cyberpunk 2077,” and is known for his Academy Award-nominated short film “The Cathedral”. Antoni Zolciak is his co-founder with 10+ years of experience. The team has a strong track record in the gaming and film industries.

DRKVRS roadmap

Source: Twitter

Its Collaborators include popular Polish fantasy, science fiction, and horror writers Łukasz Orbitowski and Jacek Dukaj. Also, it has two tokens a tradeable toke $Speck and a God’s Blood token that will be used in-game. Aleph Zero is providing the underlying infra for token transfers, voting, and NFT minting.

Then, the Season 2 announcement was an exclusive beta access for selected Discord members. Its future plans is a to build a DAO to oversee governance and vote on game developments. They’re working on a playable location, which will be available to a limited group of whitelisted users. It might be revealed in Q2 or Q3 of 2023.

As a fan of dark fantasy games, what I appreciate about the metaverse is that it is portrayed as a place for outcasts from other metaverses. So, this creates an air of mystery and anticipation, which is very exciting for the community. A good community of 1.8k members on Discord.


There are many projects in the ecosystem that add value to the ecosystem. Aleph Zero’s recent announcement of $50M will benefit these projects. Aleph Zero Foundation supports diverse projects that add value to the ecosystem. When selecting grant recipients, they consider the team’s ability to enhance network usage and adoption, their execution capabilities, and the uniqueness of the project. The foundation encourages innovation and originality in proposals. We’re on the lookout for the best projects for you. Stay tuned!

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