VC Millionaires Investing in THESE Altcoin Projects For BIG PROFITS

Do you want to get rich in crypto? That’s good, we all do, right? One way of getting there is to follow the money with some altcoins! Or, in other words, look at what VCs are investing in. So, today, I will show you what the three biggest altcoins that VCs are investing in.

Remember another golden rule for crypto? Be early! That’s exactly where you can find these VCs. In early-stage projects. Plenty of times, before they even released a token. Given the current market conditions, VCs don’t have much to spend. So, these altcoins should be good.

#1: Supra (SupraOracles)

The first project is Supra. Or maybe you know it as SupraOracles. To date, they raised a nice $24 million. Their main backer is Coinbase Ventures. But there’s more, how about Animoca Brands, Hashkey Capital, or Huobi Ventures? That’s some heavy hitters, right there.

Remember, you might know this project as SupraOracles. That’s because of this airdrop video from a while ago. It features their ‘Countdown to Blast Off’ airdrop. It’s a big gamified learn-to-earn airdrop opportunity. This is how they will distribute their $SUPRA tokens to community members. Don’t forget to check the link to their ‘Countdown to Blast Off’ and sign up for their airdrop.

So, Supra is developing an oracle. They call this DORA, and it’s a cross-chain oracle protocol. It’s already operational. Their Oracle technology updates already 1.5 million crypto data pairs daily.

Supra also has HyperNova. This is a bridgeless communication network. We all know that bridges are prone to hacks and exploits. Well, Supra aims to make bridging more secure than it is right now. For this, they also use their own “Moonshot Consensus” algorithm.

All these features and products on their platform, ask for a strong developer team. Well, rest assured, Supra has that in their house. For example, let’s take a look at Supra’s creator, Dr. Anniket Kate. He’s well known for his contributions to the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem. He is also well-supported by a team of PhDs. They specialize in Oracle technology, Multi-Party Computation (MPC), and blockchain consensus.

#2: Proof of Play

Proof of Play creates games. Amitt Mahajan founded this project. He is also the co-creator of FarmVille. 2 To date, the platform managed to raise $33 million. Their main backer is a16z. Other VCs include, among others, GreenOaks, Alchemy, Mercury, Firebase, and Zynga. 

Another investor is Naval Ravikant. He, for instance, invested in Twitter and Uber in their early stages. It was Zynga that published FarmVille back in 2009. However, FarmVille shut down in 2020. Now there’s version 2. Proof of Play is a blockchain gaming start-up. They aim to bring fun into blockchain gaming. That’s something that is sometimes missing in this gaming sector. 

Amitt wants to build timeless games. So, players and gamers can keep coming back and keep playing the game. Blockchain technology makes this possible.

The first game that the team released was Pirate Nation. It’s an RPG (Role Playing Game), and this was back in December 2022. Pirate Nation is still in Beta, but it is a free-to-play game. Players need to find the PLGD token or Pirate Gold. To play the game, you need an early access code or join a waitlist.

So, despite Proof of Play being a young company, it can show off an experienced team. 8 Team members have worked at or with, Zynga, Riot Games, Epic Games, EA, Google, Stripe, or Meta. These are some epic names and companies.

And don’t forget, many insiders think that blockchain gaming will do well in the future. For example, during the next bull run. The gaming industry’s global revenue may be between $365.6 to $490 billion this year. In 2027, we’re looking at $688 billion. Blockchain gaming should be around 10% of the market by then.

#3: Brine Fi

Brine Fi is a Decentralized Exchange or DEX and launched back in May 2023. It uses the Ethereum scaling system StarkWare. Brine Fi raised $16.5 million. Their main backer is a household VC name, Pantera Capital. Other investors include, among others, The Spartan Group, Starkware Ltd, and Elevation Capital. 

It’s also a noncustodial order book DEX that’s privacy-focused. So, for private trades, it uses ZK technology. With ZK-tech you can proof something without revealing important or crucial information.

One of the privacy advantages is that it excludes front running. Especially with larger orders. Front running is when you get pre-market knowledge. Now you can take advantage of an order before it processes. Furthermore, nobody can follow your private trades. So, you can’t ‘scare’ other users who may be following your trades. In other words, it makes markets more efficient.

Brine Fi also has a high-speed trade execution. This allowed for daily volumes of $3-$4 million. Were you already familiar with either one of these altcoins? Let me know in the comments if you did, or which one your favorite of these altcoins.

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