Why Quant Network QNT Will Outperform Polkadot DOT, and Cosmos ATOM

Interoperability is one of the megatrends in crypto. That means a multi-year, multi-bull market, and huge stories with awesome potential. And often when we talk about this theme, we go to Polkadot and Cosmos. With good reason, too. They are great and we are fans.

But there’s one who is in a position to beat them both based on 3 big themes. Who are we talking about? Who could be #1 in interoperability? It’s Quant Network. Come on in and see why! But first, let’s take a look at what is Quant all about.

What is Quant Network?

Quant Network is an interoperability project. And this is the main reason why we are comparing it to Cosmos and Polkadot. The foundation of Quant’s interoperability is the Overledger Platform. It has:

  • Enterprise-grade security.
  • Smart contracts that you can use on many chains.
  • Easy setup in just a few clicks.
  • Easy APIs to integrate with other apps, platforms, and chains.

The goal is to become the enterprise standard for building on blockchain. That’s code for Web 2 legacy businesses and assets come on in, we are here to serve you. Quant is working hard on the real-world asset narrative too. They want to be the place to tokenize your assets.

They are already working with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and Oracle. Legacy banks and financial institutions are their ideal customers. Just recently, they published an article on enterprise-grade blockchain key management for banks. Banks can now work with digital assets or use crypto payment rails for existing customers.

Blockchain for Web2 Businesses

This is one of the biggest differences between Quant and Cosmos or Polkadot. Cosmos and Polkadot are building for the now and future Web3 economy that will exist. And that means we will need all the economic infrastructure like money, payments, identity, everything. That’s if this economy will be in parallel to the current Web2 legacy economy.

And because we think crypto is the future of global financial services, we LOVE that they are doing this. This is the future we all want.

But it does ignore the present. Web2. There are huge Web2 legacy companies and financial institutions that want to use blockchain tech and digital assets in some way. And this huge TAM (total addressable market in startup speak) is the one Quant addresses. This market is ready to buy right now. In Quant’s “What We Do” section, they say it: Our technology connects legacy systems, new applications, and tokenized assets to transform a wide variety of business areas.”

This addresses banks, capital markets, payments, and supply chains.

Quant Network in CBDCs

It also leads to a huge market that’s controversial in the crypto world. CBDCs. No one watching this wants CBDCs to be successful at the retail level. That kind of central control over money would be a disaster. After all, we are in crypto because we want control of our own money. That said, there are 2 realities that we must face:

  1. CBDCs are coming whether we like it or not
  2. There are other CBDCs than retail CBDCs and some of those COULD help make global banking more efficient.

So if you want to make money off this trend then Quant is one of the places you want to be. Ripple and Algorand are doing a lot in this area too. But Quant is already working with the Bank of England, the BIS (Bank for International Settlements), and more.

This is another area where Quant is way ahead of ATOM and DOT. Neither is making a play at all in this market. I know many of you are happy about that. Honestly, I am too. But you can’t ignore that it is one of the huge megatrends happening in global banking right now and for the next few years. And someone will make some serious money by backing platforms that help central banks issue CBDCs.

I know all the talk about CBDCs is negative and at the retail level about Government controlling how you spend your money. But what do you think about CBDC platforms as an investment? Let us know in the comments below.

Quant’s Tokenomics

So we have Web2 access and CBDCs as our first 2 reasons to like Quant. Tokenomics is another reason we see Quant’s $QNT token outperforming DOT and ATOM. We love both DOT and ATOM and their ecosystems. I know you know this by now as we talk about them often.

DOT and ATOM have something in common. Something that we normally dislike so much that it keeps us from recommending the project overall. And that something is no maximum supply. Although it was a scam, we saw with LUNA what can happen when in an emergency a project needs to create more and more supply. Now LUNC (old LUNA) has a supply in the trillions like Shiba Inu. And investors got rekt.

99% of the total supply of Quant is out there in the market as circulating supply. By the numbers, it’s 14.5 million circulating out of a total supply of 14.6 million. This means that price and value growth on Quant is real. No limited supply nonsense.

Both DOT and ATOM have no maximum. Right now, for DOT, its circulating supply is 1.29 billion and the total supply is 1.37 billion. So that’s pretty good. But, the maximum supply is unlimited. This means they can issue more if they want to or need to.

Same with ATOM. Its circulating supply is 292 million. But both its total and maximum supply are infinite. So far, both the ATOM and DOT teams are acting responsibly. But no guarantee will continue.

And that gives an edge to Quant. If they CANNOT increase the supply because it’s coded in, that’s better. We’ve seen too many teams willing to change their minds.

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