Blockchain Gaming Updates Week 48

Bringing you a round-up of the most important developments in the blockchain gaming space. Find out what’s happening with our exclusive overview.

Let’s begin the blockchain gaming updates summary in alphabetical order.

No referral links included and all links direct you to the official platforms.

Axie Infinity
The 12th issue of The Lunacian is now out. Check out the development updates, Nifty Gateway acquisition and more.

Battle Racers
Early access is now live.

Blockchain Cuties
Find out more about Mór-Ríoghain and the secret she has.

Brave Frontier Heroes
Check out this new blockchain game, which is adopting the system behind MyCryptoHeroes.

The Christmas Event is now on till 31st December for both games.

CryptoMotors has partnered with Bulvrd. NFTs from CryptoMotors can now be used in the Bulvrd app.

1.94 million SOUL burnt in soul burn #18.

CryptoWars weekend tournaments have now stopped.

MyCryptoHeroes partners up with Opera Browser.

Enjin Platform/Games

Roobee contest is now live with 1.5m Roobee to be won.

Matic Network
Blockade Games and Matic Network partner.

Find out more about Yukon as the launch of Prospector Land on Wax draws closer.

Splinterlands market cap crosses $4.4m.

Tides Of Magic
Tides of Magic sale is now live.

That’s all we have for this week. Check out the weekly updates from the past week too if you missed them.

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