DappRadar Week 4

Bringing you key statistics and interesting numbers from the blockchain gaming space. 

Find out who is topping the charts in our exclusive coverage. Courtesy of DappRadar.

7 Day Activity of the top gaming and marketplace Dapps of the week

  1. Name: EOS Dynasty
    Protocol: EOS
    Users: 5.4k
  2. Name: CatPromotion
    Protocol: TRON
    Users: 4.2k
  3. Name: My Crypto Heroes
    Protocol: ETH
    Users: 4.1k
  4. Name: Prospectors
    Protocol: EOS
    Users: 3.6k
  5. Name: HyperDragons Go
    Protocol: ONT
    Users: 2.9k

  1. Name: Contract Servant
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $137.2k
  2. Name: MegaCryptoPolis
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $85.8k
  3. Name: HyperSnakes
    Protocol: EOS
    Volume: $43.4k
  4. Name: EOS Dynasty
    Protocol: EOS
    Volume: $42.5k
  5. Name: 0xUniverse
    Protocol: EOS
    Volume: $18.5k

  1. Name: Opensea
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $164.1k
    Users: 1.2k
  2. Name: TokenTrove
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $24.4k
    Users: 365
  3. Name: SpiderDEX
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $9.7k
    Users: 286

Featured Game

About Crypto Sword & Magic

  • ENJOY “Party Play”! 
  • RECEIVE rewards based on your hero’s contribution from the battle! 
  • PLAY the game in a mercenary mode. 
  • BEAT the monster with the upgraded equipment. 
  • BECOME the greatest hero in the world of Crypto Sword & Magic!

Crypto Sword & Magic is a traditional RPG game that raises heroes and challenges new dungeons. Data of all heroes, equipment, and pets are recorded on the blockchain, and the game logic works on the Smart Contract. Try it today.

News and Updates

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