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MonkeyLeague is a strategy-based sports game that is having interesting developments. A week ago, they launched AC Milan Alpha.

monkey league review

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Altcoin Buzz General Manager Anindya (Ani) Baidya anchored the MonkeyLeague AMA session with Oren Langberg, CEO of MonkeyLeague.

Segment 1: Introduction
Q – Tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement with Monkey League.

Sure thing. As you mentioned my name is Oren Langberg – head of marketing at MonkeyLeague / UnCaged Studios. I have spent the last 15 years in partnerships and marketing and have been at MonkeyLeague since day 1!

Our studio, UnCaged, came out of stealth in October of 2021 with a team of a handful. Now we are close to 50 people and everything we do is done in-house. From our co-founder, Raz Friedman, we have a seasoned team with nearly 150 years of combined experience designing and developing disruptive games. Raz was one of the pioneers of free-to-play mobile gaming.

When we came out of stealth in 2021 we had a clear vision based on web3 gaming. We knew the massive potential and we also saw a huge gap for HIGH QUALITY web3 gaming that focused more on high production and entertainment value games that were fun first.

Our studio, UnCaged, is building an open ecosystem of mobile game franchises where each franchise will leverage the same pool of NFT game assets. Our first franchise is MonkeyLeague, a fast and addicting strategy-based soccer game built for web2 and web3.

monkey league review

Source: Twitter

Each franchise will have its own in-game currency and the overall ecosystem will be governed by $SCORE – launching later this year. So, MonkeyLeague’s game assets are MonkeyAthlete NFTs and will be interoperable throughout the sports franchise. You can play with your athletes, earn XP and level them up.

MonkeyLeague is about building your dream team of MonkeyAthletes, playing matches, competing in tournaments, and climbing the Leagues for higher status, benefits, and earning potential.

Segment 2: Deep Dive
Q- This looks very promising, and very well thought out. The long-term vision looks awesome. Monkey League is a turn-based football strategy game. Tell us more about the gameplay.

Sure thing. It’s a 6v6 game. So 6 MonkeyAthletes fill the positions of striker, midfielder, defender, and goalkeeper. Currently, MonkeyLeague Alpha is live and there are 50 total turns, 25 on each side.

Each player has their zone of mobility. in a turn you can dribble to another tile, you can pass to another teammate, move to catch a loose ball, or shoot on the goal of course score goals, and win matches. Super intuitive.

It gets interesting the more and more game content like actions and Special MonkeyPowers into the game. On defense you can move your players to create formations and block paths, you can tackle or slide tackle the opponent.

It’s quite a unique game as there’s no reference or similar game even in web2. So, it’s almost like a cross between FIFA and chess but more fast-paced like FIFA. There are several strategy layers and dilemmas you need to plan for, and the layer of your MonkeyAthletes of course.

Also, you need to scout the right athletes on the market, build the right team, and ensure your leveling these players up. So players are put into leagues with similarly skilled players and you need to climb the ranks and leagues.

Q – Give us some tips, on where to start (links). How do you select the right and best possible player for the team?

All positions are important on your team but super important to have a strong striker and goalkeeper. So, if you are scouting then a good place to start is there. In our discord, there’s a whole guide on how best to scout and what to look for. For example, athletes come with 4 trainable game skills, initial stat levels for each, and max potentials. So important to look at the full profile of them.

For now, you can also just play MonkeyLeague! sign up to get on the waitlist and play. Athletes will be able to be used in the game in the Beta which launches towards the end of Q3-2023.

monkey league review

Source: Twitter
Q – So we should just download the game and start playing without the NFTs? Or do you recommend collecting the NFTs from the marketplace too?

I wouldn’t necessarily wait to start building your team because it may take your time. You can now sign up to play the game. We’re still in Alpha so we add you to the list. there are currently over 15k people on the waitlist and in collaboration with Altcoin Buzz is giving some spots to cut the line.

Right now there’s under 2k playing, as we are releasing more and more spots as we go.  We released the Alpha in April & a significant update together with our partner AC Milan at the beginning of this month. Our next big release is in mid-July.

Segment 3: Community Questions.
Q – MonkeyLeague contains 3 types of Assets & in-game NFT “Monkey (Player), Stadium (Ground), Audience (not NFT)”. However, I haven’t found much information about this, Can you explain about this type of asset & NFT? What is the use case? what benefits do users get from it?

The core NFT asset are MonkeyAthlete NFTs. there are interoperable NFTs to be used throughout the Monkeyleague franchise. First MonkeyLeague soccer then basketball, hockey, etc.

Stadiums will come at a later phase and amount to owning land within the ecosystem.

Q – Tournaments seem to be a crucial aspect of MonkeyLeague. Could you elaborate on the different types of tournaments available, including MonkeySkills and the MonkeyCup? How do these tournaments differ in terms of gameplay and rewards?

By the way, feel free to check out our whitepaper for more details on athletes & the game. Sure, tournaments are a major aspect of the game and community. We are aiming to democratize esports and pioneer casual e-sports.

So, we will have continuous high-stakes tournaments and as you climb the ranks and leagues you will get into higher-tiered tournaments. In MonkeyLeague, there is a clear player trajectory.

This game is being built for web2 and web3 so anyone will be able to play MonkeyLeague for free.  When players want to play more they can spend fiat in the in-game store. So, if they want to get an enhanced experience and enter the web3 economy they will be able to. If you want to be a star in the game and community you can be super competitive

monkeyleague review

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Q – You have a brilliant partnership with AC Milan. Tell us more about it. What does this partnership bring to each other?

Sure – we were in talks with almost a dozen clubs. Half of them reached out to us as many web2 brands are seeking a way into web3. So, AC Milan also spoke with several companies and we saw a fit between us. They worked as a design and NFT partner for the game which has come out big. Super excited about this partnership, which is almost a year now.

We also have a partnership with Paulo Dybala – the #21 striker at AS Roma. He’s our brand ambassador.

Q – Upon releasing new games, Will our assets(Monkey NFT) be useful in those games too? Will there be asset portability between various games in Uncaged’s franchise?

Yep! Exactly. Each game franchise will leverage the same pool of interoperable assets.

Q – What can we expect from Monkey League and UnCaged Studios in the coming days?

We just launched a significant update to the Alpha with AC Milan. We also launched the 1st ever MonkeyCup tournament where the Qualifiers round just ended – nearly 1000 people competed to get in the top 64.

monkeyleague review

Source: Twitter

In mid July we have the next major game release which not only will introduce a lot more content in the game but also the Energy system. Energy is an in-game resource needed to play matches.

So, everyone will get a free daily supply of it but if you want to play more you will need to acquire it from the in-game store with MBS, the native token of MonkeyLeague. Every quarter, there will be a major game release. We also have a major partnership announcement coming at the end of July.

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