ADIONA integrates covid-19 antibody testing with blockchain technology

United States antibody test platform ADIONA has announced the introduction of blockchain technology to its platform to aid COVID-19 antibody testing.

Formed from a partnership between Kahala Biosciences and Rymedi, ADIONA is looking to attain accountability and traceability for all COVID-19 antibody testing. Blockchain technology will not only introduce traceability and accountability, the technology will help proffer “end-to-end Solution for Antibody Testing”. Subsequently making it possible for lockdown restrictions worldwide to come to an end.

Since its emergence last year, the novel coronavirus at the time of writing has led to the loss of over 813,419 lives worldwide. Health researchers worldwide believe that locating effective antibodies may help proffer solutions to the rampaging disease. Hence the need to carry out antibody testing. Antibody testing is majorly carried out on people who have contracted and also survived the COVID-19 virus. The testing will also help find out if such individuals have developed immunity to the illness.

Mode of operation

The introduction of blockchain technology to COVID-19 antibody testing is a welcome development. To make this possible, ADIONA makes use of a “rapid point-of-care antibody (IgG/IgM) test”. The test is carried out using an easy finger stick alongside an end-to-end decentralized technology solution. ADIONA authenticates every single test kit from start to finish. That is, from the manufacturer down to every patient undergoing testing.

Furthermore, using blockchain, the platform ensures patients’ privacy is upheld. ADIONA prevents data loss and protects data from any form of manipulation. All results are uploaded to the cloud and can be easily accessed from there.

Combining widespread testing as well as reliable and accurate tracking and testing is a major step in overcoming the novel coronavirus.  Several schools of thought see widespread testing, antibody testing, and frequent research into expected symptoms as the best way of restoring society back to normalcy.

Speaking on the announcement, Francis Duhay, MD, CEO of Kahala Biosciences pointed out that the US has always had issues carrying out reliable and accurate antibody testing. According to Duhay, Kahala Biosciences is looking to change the narrative on this. The company is interested in ensuring top-notch and scalable antibody testing. To achieve this, Kahala Biosciences have designed a “proprietary, first-of-its-kind, secure platform”. The platform will ensure authenticity is maintained as products move to “healthcare professionals and the patients for which they care”.

More details of the platform

Even more interesting is the platform’s reliable patient test result. Since it is tamper-proof, it serves as enough verification of an employees’ COVID-19 status.

Duhay further added that this “end-to-end, point-of-care platform addresses all the requirements” and so will facilitate employees safely returning to work on a global scale.

David Stefanich, CEO of Rymedi, also added that “From the quality of test kits to the integrity of data to the security of private data”, we plan to provide everyone with a solution that supports patient protection as well as the health and safety of the public. Stefanich further added that Rymedi will introduce trust into the integrated solution”.

ADIONA makes use of both a mobile device app and cryptographically secure QR codes. The app provides it with access to real-time accurate test results as well as the geographical location of the test taker.

The QR codes, on the other hand, helps to verify the “authenticity of kits, reagents and test results”.

Practically, patients prior to making use of the test kits receive a personalized QR code. They also do not need to wait for their result after carrying out the finger-prick test. Results will be sent to their mobile phones approximately 15 mins from the time of testing.

Beyond antibody testing, the platform plans to expand into services like point-of-care testing, symptom tracking, etc in the near future.

About Kahala Biosciences and Rymedi

Based in Irvine, Kahala Biosciences is a COVID-19 testing and tracking company looking to facilitate employees going back to work as soon as possible. To achieve this, it has designed an end-to-end solution enabling immediate diagnostic testing for all employees.

Rymedi, on the other hand, looks to further improve the healthcare industry. Enabling them to create better values.

This application of blockchain tech to the health sector is a clear indication that the tech has many unexplored use cases beyond the finance sector.


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