BeFi Labs, a platform that makes BRC-20 and Ordinals trading available, has shared a major update. If you’ve been following this project, then you’ll like this update. 

BeFi Labs introduced the BeFi Reactor. It describes the BeFi Reactor as a cornerstone protocol of the BeFi Labs. The Reactor is a huge deal for token holders. It provides direct engagement within the BeFi Labs ecosystem.

The Reactor connects all the BeFi Labs’ features and use cases into a single platform. This increases the utility and value of the $BEFI token within the BeFi ecosystem. Let’s look at the impact the BeFi Reactor will have for token holders.

More Rewards for Reactor Users

Embracing the new Reactors opens you up to multiple rewards from various sources. These rewards come from upcoming features and existing features such as

  • Airdrops
  • Trading terminal fees
  • BeFi Pad activities
  • Marketing initiatives
Introduction of Tiers

BeFi Reactors introduces a tier system for the ecosystem. These tiers are according to the amount of $BEFI tokens you have locked. This means the more tokens you lock, the higher your tier. And the higher your tier, the more benefits you get. It’s important to know that any user can engage with the Reactor Protocol regardless of how much you’ve locked.

The BeFi Reactor is a huge plus for the entire BeFi community. It provides improved terms for APY rates, trading fees, boosted LP rewards. And exclusive access to the BeFi pad. Being a Reactor participant opens you up to huge opportunities.

There’s also the BeFi points program. So, you simply accumulate points through each tier. And these points give you access to a whole lot of benefits within the BeFi ecosystem. Some of these benefits include:

  • Trading benefits
  • Exclusive access to special products
  • Special rewards programs

The BeFi team plans to share more details on the tiers before the launch of the BeFi protocol.

What’s BeFi Labs building?

BeFi Labs is a decentralized exchange. It makes trading BRC20 assets and ordinals easy across different networks. BeFi Labs is compatible with different wallets. So, this makes it easy for you to transact without additional charges.

The BeFi platform bridges the gap between CEXs and Dex. However, its core focus is on user convenience. So you can do everything straight from your wallet. The best part is that there is a zero-fee trading policy. This means you do not have to worry about takers fees, gas fees, and all the other fees that make trading tiring. Your money stays in your pocket.


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