Top 10 BRC-20 Tokens with 10-100x Potential - part 2

This is the second part of this article. Here is the first part.

Let’s discover 5 more BRC-20 tokens:

1) SatoshiSync

With SatoshiSync, you can easily create and bridge inscriptions for enhanced liquidity.

$SSNC is satoshiSync’s native token. It is at $0.1414 and has a market cap of $7.57 million.

2) BeFi Labs

BeFi allows you to connect to the BRC-20 ecosystem and connect your wallets for easier and cheaper transactions.

$BEFI is currently at $0.3302 and has a market cap of $15.7 million.

BRC-20 tokens seem to be heavy on utility. Let’s look at the next token on our list with the potential of running numbers up.

3) TurtSat

TurtSat is open to everyone. Through the Turtsat protocol, you can build on Bitcoin ordinals and BRC-20.

$TURT is currently at $0.01817 and has a market cap of $17.2 million.

To stay updated on what’s going on with this protocol, join its X account.

4) BitStable

Bitstable is an efficient protocol for boosting capital. BitStables’s DAII BUILD is effective for creating DAII stablecoins using BTC assets.

Its native token, $BSSB, is currently at $1.15 and has a market cap of $14.2 million.

For the last BRC-20 token on our list, we have Wolf Wif Ballz. The community is into its market cap, expecting it to reach $200 million. Is this possible? You will only know once the bull cycle is here.

5) Wolf Wif Ballz

Wolf Wif Ballz is a meme coin with an active community. It did a large number on the first day of launch. $BALLZ token is at $0.01049 with a market cap of $10.49 million.

From what we’ve put here, you can see that most protocols have utilities with actual use cases. If you are looking for an alpha article for BRC-20 tokens in anticipation of the bull cycle, this is your best option. You can also check our previous blog posts to see what’s in it.


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