Top 10 BRC-20 tokens with 10-100x potential

The crypto space is a game of cycles. If we experience something now, it could happen again in different forms.

Altcoins performed well after the previous bull cycles and are up to the task again.

Key BRC-20 Tokens: Potential for High Returns

We are a few days away from Bitcoin’s halving, and BRC-20 narratives will feel the effect of sending tokens to the moon.

The Bitcoin ecosystem is gaining its footing again, and BRC-20 tokens have the potential to generate a massive number of Xs. We have done extensive analysis to save you the stress of extra research. So, here’s a list of 10 BRC-20 tokens with the potential to yield massive results. This is the first part of this article.

1) Ordiswap

OrdiSwap is a protocol that combines BRC-20 standards with Ordinals to allow direct trading on Bitcoin’s native layer.

Its native token is $ORDS, which has a market cap of $44 million and is currently at $0.175.

2) Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM)

BVM network is a modular blockchain that allows you to easily create your own Bitcoin Layer 2 (L2) blockchain protocol. It is an excellent utility-based protocol.

$BVM is $4.57, with a market cap of $107 million.

3) Bitcoin Cats

With Bitcoin Cats, you can connect Bitcoin with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks. Bitcoin cats are entertainment-based, so that’s an excellent utility.

$1CAT is Bitcoin Cats’ native token. It is currently at $0.0077 and has a market cap of $39 Million.

4) LFG

LFG is a dex built on Bitcoin and offers a good trading experience and environment.


Its market cap is $42.3 million, currently at $0.10.

5) LeverFi

LeverFi is a decentralized trading platform.

$LEVER, its native token, is currently at $0.0035 with a market cap of $103 million.

That’s not all. We have six more BRC-20 tokens that can potentially do massive Xs to review. Here is the second part.

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