Ubisoft and Oasys partner with LayerZero for interoperability

The gaming industry goes beyond being in front of the screen all day.

Recently, Oasys, a gaming blockchain platform, announced its incorporation with LayerZero.

Oasys and LayerZero: Revolutionizing Gaming with Blockchain Integration

What does this mean for the gaming industry? There is only one way to find out. The integration between Oasys and LayerZero is the start of something new. This recent partnership is a vital part of Oasys’ 2024 Dragon Update. It is all about improving different parts of the gaming world and making them work together.

LayerZero is a protocol for cross-chain compatibility. It can make several chains work together. With the help of LayerZero, Oasys can make different parts of the gaming world work together. So, how will this happen?

The first step is connecting Oasys’ Layer 2 HOME verse with LayerZero. That’s not all; there are still plans to integrate more platform features.

At the forefront of this collaboration is Ubisoft’s Champions Tactics™: Grimoria Chronicles. This collaboration will be the first game to showcase integration. Let’s dive deeper.

More About LayerZero

LayerZero is the link between different blockchains. With LayerZero, you can exchange assets and other activities on various blockchains. LayerZero has its own Omnichain Non-fungible Token (ONFT) standard.

LayerZero’s ONFT standard makes transferring NFTs between different blockchain networks easier. Before, you had to follow many procedures to transfer NFTs across blockchains. But with LayerZero’s ONFT standard, you can transfer NFTs across many chains.

Oasys’ partnership with LayerZero has one goal: removing barriers in the gaming industry. It will allow gamers to share in-game assets between different blockchain networks.

They are working together to ensure that gamers get the best. They want better communication and transactions with different chains in the gaming space. Ubisoft is also utilizing blockchain technology to improve the gaming experience. These partnerships will enable gamers to share NFTs and upgrade their gaming experience.


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