14 AI Coins Ready to Explode

We’ve been talking about AI coins, which we believe will explode in the coming months. We’ve published two parts on this already. This piece is our final on the topic. But why AI? Recall that AI crypto was one of the biggest narratives of 2023. Well, that hasn’t stopped yet.

Even in the mainstream world, AI projects are getting noticed. Most notable brands have set up AI units and are integrating AI with their core products. The same goes for crypto. AI crypto has come to say. So, smart investors are lining up and joining the bandwagon.

Some AI coins are still within reach. This means they are currently at affordable prices. So you can get in early and get them at a cheap price. If these projects explode, as we predict they will, you could pull in great profits. Let’s look at our final list.  


AIOZ Network is the ultimate hub for all things Web3 AI, storage, and streaming. It’s all about speeding up, securing, and decentralizing the future. Picture this: AIOZ taps into a worldwide network of DePINs, and here’s the kicker – it rewards you for pitching in your computational power. You’re helping store, convert, and stream digital media content while also fueling decentralized AI computations. It’s like teamwork but with rewards!

As blockchain keeps changing how people connect, AIOZ Network steps up as a game-changer in how we deliver content, moving towards a more decentralized and people-focused internet. The AIOZ token plays different roles within the project. This includes:

  • Transactions.
  • Rewards.
  • Staking.

Holding this coin could be a game-changer for your portfolio due to its huge growth potential.


Projects like ChatGPT currently lead the pace in AI and machine learning (ML). But, PAAL, an AI crypto project, is bringing a new twist to the game. It introduces the PAAL token. This project brings together AI, ML, and crypto in an exciting new way. 

The PAAL AI crypto project is essentially an AI ecosystem accessible via an online app. With this app, anyone can tap into the ML capabilities of PAAL AI by inputting their own custom data feed. 

The main goal of the PAAL tool is to simplify tasks that usually demand human intelligence. It’s equipped to comprehend natural language, identify images, make decisions using available data, and tackle various challenges.

Staking PAAL is one of the benefits of holding this AI coin. But there’s more. PAAL has the potential to skyrocket in the bull market as more people demand AI projects to streamline their tasks. 

3) RLC

iExec RLC is a revolutionary decentralized initiative that’s all about building a distributed cloud computing system powered by blockchain technology. It aims to create a user-friendly and secure marketplace. Here, folks can rent or share computing resources such as processing power and storage. By adopting a decentralized setup, iExec RLC makes cloud computing services accessible to everyone, sparking greater innovation.

RLC currently trades at $3.91. We expect the price to surge in the coming months. Why? RLC operates across different sectors of high value. This includes:

  • Healthcare.
  • Rendering. 
  • Fintech.
  • Big data.

So, as more people need decentralized access to data, iEXEC stands out as one platform to gain. 

4) NMR

Numeraire simply enables Data Scientists to experiment and create machine learning models. Its core mission is to decentralize science and improve competition in the sector. This project is allegedly the first hedge fund to release a cryptocurrency. 

So, the project awards the NMR token to Data scientists who create predictable models by providing them with free data. So, the models explored in the tournament enable Numerai to directly engage in stock market trading using insights generated by participating projects. The project heavily relies on AI for predictions.

Numeraire is pretty much still under the radar in terms of its popularity. But, as more people seek to create models for rewards, they’ll turn to this project. And this would cause NMR to explode in value. 


Oraichain’s potential makes it a must-have in this bull run. The project combines AI and blockchain for data oracle services. This way, it bridges real-world data and smart contracts. Data is the new gold globally. Traders, users, and DeFi projects need a reliable source of data. And that’s what Oraichain provides.

So, as the DeFi space expands, Oraichain becomes more valuable. Here’s how Oraichain improves DeFi:

  • Development of an AI ecosystem where people can sell and publish their AI services. 
  • A marketplace that connects Dapps, such as price predictions. 
  • AI Oracle: This improves smart contracts by linking them to AI-driven APIs. This results in more efficient functionality.
  • Staking ORAI to secure the network for rewards.

ORAI was one of the AI coins that saw a price increase of around 185% in three months. So, with the market’s condition looking better, AI coins like ORAI could hit better heights. 


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