Crust Network's SubDA & HRMP Boost for Polkadot

The network seeks to open HRMP channels between Polkadot Assethub and Crust Network. This move is poised to enhance interoperability and functionality within the ecosystem significantly.

This initiative is not just a step towards technological advancement but also a stride towards supporting the pinkonomic community through airdrops. Also, further solidifying Crust Network’s commitment to its users and the broader Polkadot community.

Crust Network’s SubDA Will Empower Polkadot 

Crust Network is also announcing the launch of SubDA (Substrate-based Data Availability and Inscription Solution), a groundbreaking addition tailored specifically for the Polkadot ecosystem. SubDA represents a significant leap forward, offering a suite of benefits designed to enhance the capabilities of parachains and improve the user experience across the board.

One of the core advantages of SubDA is the ease with which parachains can integrate advanced blob storage and data availability technology. This integration is critical for developers seeking to build more robust and efficient dApps within the Polkadot ecosystem.

For users, SubDA opens up a world of possibilities. The solution enables users to secure digital assets, manage identities, or ensure the integrity of data. Moreover, SubDA extends its benefits beyond the immediate confines of the Polkadot ecosystem. For example, Ethereum Layer 2 solutions can now leverage SubDA to enhance their networks.


Crust Network’s recent initiatives—the opening of HRMP channels and the introduction of SubDA—highlights its leading role in pushing tech advancements in the Polkadot ecosystem. Crust Network boosts interoperability and data availability, driving the decentralized web’s evolution.



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