Etherscan Now Lets You Modify NFT Images

This feature empowers individuals to keep their NFT collections up-to-date and visually appealing.

To utilize this functionality, users must be logged into their Etherscan accounts. Let’s explore how this works in an NFT.

Refreshing NFTs on Etherscan: A New User Feature Unveiled

This adds an extra layer of security and ensures that only the rightful owners can update the image and metadata associated with their NFTs. The process is straightforward but comes with a daily limitation. Each user is allowed up to 100 refresh requests per day. This restriction is in place to manage server loads and maintain a seamless experience for all users.

It’s worth noting that refreshing NFTs on Etherscan can take several minutes to load, depending on the network activity and the complexity of the metadata associated with the particular NFT.

This new feature addresses a common concern within the NFT community: The ability to keep digital art and collectibles visually relevant. As the NFT space continues to grow, creators and collectors alike value the ability to showcase their assets accurately. So, the option to refresh images and metadata ensures that NFTs align with the latest updates made by the creators or owners.

More About Etherscan’s New Feature

The requirement for users to be logged in adds a layer of security, preventing unauthorized individuals from tampering with NFT information. It also enhances the overall user experience by personalizing the interaction with the blockchain explorer.

By setting these restrictions, Etherscan aims to provide a smooth experience for users while preventing abuse of the refresh feature.


Etherscan’s introduction of the NFT image and metadata refresh feature is a notable enhancement for users seeking dynamic and up-to-date representations of their digital assets.

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