French MonTana Launches Song on Bitcoin with Ordinals

Ordinals, a protocol allowing data inscription on Bitcoin’s smallest units, enabled this innovative approach.

The song’s release, as the third largest Ordinal inscription, showcases blockchain’s versatility beyond finance. Let’s explore more about this use case in Ordinals.

Blockchain Breakthrough: Beyond Finance to Music

Ordinals transform Bitcoin into a platform for digital content like music, images, and text. Inscribing ‘Bag Curious’ into Bitcoin gives French Montana’s music a permanent spot on a durable global database. So, he will pioneer a new avenue for artists to distribute their work directly and indelibly to their audience.

This groundbreaking method of music release raises intriguing questions about the future of content distribution and copyright management. Ordinals inscriptions are decentralized and immutable, unlike centralized streaming services. Inscribed content joins the Bitcoin blockchain, accessible yet unalterable and non-removable. This approach could give artists more control and direct listener access, sidestepping traditional music industry structures.

More About Ordinals

Set to be the largest ever, an upcoming airdrop will distribute 112,383 Runestones to the same number of Bitcoin addresses.

This groundbreaking airdrop showcases blockchain’s role in evolving digital collectibles, potentially changing their perception and value in the crypto community.


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