Magic Square Adopts 1inch Swap API

With the integration of 1inch Swap API, you can get everything you want in one place without checking through several exchanges.

Here’s the deal: this integration also led to a $25,000 competition; $SQR swap. Read on to find out what’s in it for you.

Magic Square Adds 1inch Swap API and Hosts $25K Competition

Magic Square, a Web3 app store, announces its integration of the 1inch Swap API and a competition with a $25,000 reward. The competition has full support from top industry players like Binance Labs and Capital.

Magic Square has over 1,100 apps and games and a large user base, making it a platform that stands out to Web3 enthusiasts. The User Interface is second to none if you look through its website. It is easy to explore and a beautiful sight to behold.

Integrating the 1inch Swap API will improve the platform by providing access to liquidity sources across 12 blockchains. With 1inch Swap API, you can swap tokens within the Magic Square ecosystem. You do not need to look for another platform to swap your tokens before purchasing an item in the Web3 app store.

Andrey Nayman, Magic Square’s CEO, said integration is an achievement that will further reduce the hassle of swapping tokens) and offer rewards within Magic Square.

Also, Alexandra Fetisova, Partners and Community Lead at 1inch expressed her excitement over the partnership’s ability to improve decentralized finance (DeFi) for users. This partnership also introduced a remarkable feature: Magic Karma, a reward system. With Magic Karma, you can get incentives for participating in campaigns, inviting others, and swapping with the platform.

About the competition

The $SQR competition, with a $25,000 price tag, rewards you based on your swap volume. Your swap transactions earn you Karma points, accumulating to give you a position in the competition. Magic Karma is an extra utility feature on Magic Square. Its native token is $SQR, currently trading at $0.46.

Exciting news? Magic Square did a huge one by setting aside $66 million worth of SQR as a grant. This grant supports projects listed on its platform. That’s not all.

Magic Square is preparing to launch a launchpad. With these exciting events and developments, Magic Square offers a lot beyond being a Web3 app store.



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