MANTRA Chain Secures $11 Million to Promote RWA Ambitions

The Real World Assets (RWA) sector of Web3 has taken the industry by storm in recent months. Crypto experts believe RWA projects will play significant roles in this bull run. Investors are pouring in millions in this sector, showing the potential locked within it. 

MANTRA Chain is the latest RWA project to secure funds from these investors.

Web3’s RWA Boom: The Future Unleashed

MANTRA Chain has the ambition of becoming the top RWA project on Cosmos. It successfully raised $11 million. The project plans to deploy these funds towards building a robust RWA network.

Shorooq Partners, an early-stage backer, led the round. Others include Three Point Capital, Forte Securities, Virtuzone, Hex Trust, and GameFi Ventures. The MANTRA team plans to embark on other fundraising rounds. 

The project’s CEO, John Patrick Mullin, noted that MANTRA will focus on a crypto-savvy crowd. This means it will cater to users who are already familiar with cryptocurrencies, DeFi, etc.

The team also plans to deploy the recent cash injection toward promoting scalable RWA tokenization. MANTRA also plans to allocate the funds towards certain goals. This includes becoming more regulatory compliant. 

Speaking on the fundraising round, MANTRA’s CEO, John Patrick Mullin, said, “This funding not only accelerates our vision of bringing the world’s financial ecosystem on-chain but also solidifies our commitment to the Hong Kong and Middle Eastern markets, where our physical offices in Hong Kong and Dubai stand as beacons of innovation. We’re crafting an infrastructure designed for builders, institutions, enterprises, and users keen on exploring RWAs.”

Boosting the Economy in the Middle East & Asia with MANTRA

MANTRA focuses on the Middle East. And is in the final stages of securing a license from Dubai’s regulatory body. The team noted that securing regulatory approvals is a priority. It would aid in its ambitions to host tools to issue and trade RWAs. 

The team also disclosed plans to boost market liquidity. And foster growth to make investments more accessible throughout the Middle East and Asia. This would help promote economic growth and activity in these areas. It would also create new investment avenues, and draw in foreign investors. This is in line with the region’s goals of becoming leaders in financial innovation. 

What Makes Mantra Unique?

The RWA sector will be a multi-billion-dollar industry by the end of the decade. However, the RWA sector hasn’t kicked off totally. Nevertheless, MANTRA is building financial resources to control this market before it expands. 

MANTRA seeks to redefine who is eligible to take part in RWA trading. And whether it should be more controlled or more free-form, like meme coin trading. The project seeks to create a permissioned environment. 

According to Mullin, “You do have to go through an onboarding process to get into this walled garden.” He added, “But once you’re in, you’re in.”


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