The developer-focused Layer 1 platform Nibiru Chain has formally launched its public mainnet. The launch is a big step forward for the project. Nibiru’s goal to provide an efficient and safe environment for developing dapps.

Nibiru Chain has made remarkable progress in recent months. Its biggest appeal lies in its strong smart contract ecosystem. This provides unmatched security and high throughput. Interestingly, Nibiru currently stands out as a preferred platform for developers working on

  • games,
  • real-world assets (RWAs),
  • NFTs,
  • DeFi, and other projects.

What does this launch provide users?

 Reacting to the launch, Unique Divine, Co-Founder and CEO at Nibiru Chain, said,

“Launching Nibiru Chain marks a significant stride toward bridging the gaps within the blockchain ecosystem. We recognize the barriers that have kept potential users at bay — from complex onboarding to opaque decision-making and a lack of affordability, scalability, and transparency. Nibiru is engineered to dismantle these hurdles and offer an intuitive, straightforward entry point into Web3 for users and developers alike.”

The launch provides Nibiru Chain users and builders access to many new features. Some of the perks include allowing users to take part in decentralized governance. And that includes staking with NIBI validators.

Also, the launch caters to gamers. Nibiru Chain will usher in competitive Web3 gaming via Chess3. The game provides a good avenue for players to learn chess. It also allows them to take part in tournaments with brand and community support.

Furthermore, Nibiru Chain will also support NFT minting. And trading on Dropspace, secure namespaces with Nibiru ID. Also, it would provide real estate opportunities through Coded Estate. This reflects the platform’s appeal as a chain with many opportunities.

Nibiru Chain is redefining blockchain and giving developers more reason to take part. It rewards developers with a share of the fees from their smart contracts. So, developers earn from their productivity. This model promotes innovation.

In addition, Nibiru Chain also launched its Super Chain. This has features like spot, swap, perpetuals, and stablecoin. These functionalities present extra possibilities for dApp growth and DeFi integration. The Super Chain project aims to help customers on more than 40 blockchains. It also strives to provide a smooth retail trading and investment experience.

The launch also coincided with the listing of the $NIBI token on prominent exchanges such as Bybit, Kucoin, Gate, and MEXC.

What does the future hold?

The launch is not the sole expansion tool in Nibiru’s plans. The team plans to roll out their Genesis NFT collections and also expand into the APAC regions. Nibiru also plans to improve blockchain with its parallel optimistic execution. This tool would help the processing of several independent transactions simultaneously.

Nibiru Chain also plans to enable full Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility. This would guarantee more interoperability with Ethereum-based decentralized applications. Also, it would reduce the entry barrier for Ethereum developers. And increase public access to the crypto space.

About Nibiru Chain

Nibiru Chain is an innovative layer 1 blockchain and smart contract ecosystem. It wields unmatched security and throughput. The goal is to create a user-friendly and developer-friendly smart contract ecosystem. And help more people embrace Web3.

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