Notcoin Token Launch on TON Delayed Past Bitcoin Halving

Originally scheduled for April 20 to align with the Bitcoin halving, the launch on The Open Network (TON) will now happen later than planned.

Notcoin has captivated a substantial audience with its simple yet addictive gameplay.

Notcoin’s TON Launch Delayed Beyond Scheduled Date

It operates as a clicker game where players tap on a luminous coin image to accumulate in-game coins. This interactive format has proven massively popular, with over 35 million Telegram users participating. The game reached a critical milestone on April 1 when the developer, Open Builders, concluded the “mining phase.” This was in preparation for the transition to the tokenized stage of the game.

The shift from in-game coins to NOT tokens is a significant part of Notcoin’s evolution, transforming these virtual earnings into something with potential real-world value on the blockchain platform, The Open Network. TON, known for its high-speed and low-cost transactions, is an ideal platform for hosting the Notcoin tokens, promising a smooth experience for users engaging in transactions.

More About Notcoin

The decision to delay the token launch post-Bitcoin halving is strategic, allowing Notcoin to ensure that all technical aspects are polished and that the transition for users is seamless. This delay, although unexpected, is indicative of the developers’ commitment to quality and user satisfaction. It also reflects the complex nature of integrating traditional gaming formats with blockchain technology, where timing and precision are crucial.

The upcoming launch on TON is highly anticipated not only by those who have participated in the game. Also, crypto users are interested in the fusion of gaming and decentralized finance. The conversion of in-game coins to NOT tokens represents a new frontier where gaming achievements can have tangible economic value, potentially attracting a new wave of users to the crypto sectors.



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