Luastarter IDO

Luastarter is different from other IDO launchpads because it’s multi-chain. It covers 3 chains, not just one as most do. This helps to increase the reach and access for new IDO projects. Furthermore, during 9 previous IDOs, they raised $1.01 million. Their ATH average ROI is 11.85x and the current ROI is 0.99x.

The launchpad supports 3 chains: TomoChain, Ethereum, and BNB Chain. Projects can take advantage of all of Luastarter’s features like:

  • swapping on Luaswap
  • bridging
  • farming
  • or portfolio management.

This also counts for the Zone of Avoidance IDO.

These benefits mean that Luastarter attracts excellent projects. This gives you an idea why their next gaming gem is something to keep an eye out for. We will show you how you can get involved with the Zone of Avoidance IDO.

Discover Zone of Avoidance: a PVP/PVE, P2E, NFT-Based Auto Battler

So, welcome to Zone of Avoidance (ZoA). ZoA is both PVP and PVE in its game. The game is also P2E and an NFT-Based Auto-Battle style game. You’re playing across the entire universe.

To clarify, the game has three factions.

  • Humans
  • The Syndicate
  • The Raddans

Once you choose one of these races, you need to buy a spaceship. Currently, there are five available spaceships. You can also upgrade each spaceship. Once you fill it up with up to 6 heroes, you can start your campaign. Start exploring the universe on the way to the Zone of Avoidance. There are 5 galaxies to explore, each with 12 planets.

The PVE campaign—Find your way through all five galaxies and their 12 planets. In the process, collect Internal Resources. With these, you can upgrade your ships and heroes. Your reward for winning each new battle are tokens.

PVP—Winning against other players earns you token rewards. You also receive more ranking points. The higher you rank, the more challenging and strategic the battles become. On the other hand, your rewards also increase in value.

Furthermore, their roadmap mentions the genesis NFT drop. In addition, there will be a crafting system and a mobile version for Android and iOS for this quarter.

Zone of Avoidance

Source: Zone of Avoidance website

The ZOA Token

Their ZOA token has a few use cases. 

  • It is the in-game token that allows for buying, renting NFTs and to upgrade them.
  • Staking, with many extra benefits. For example, access to unique quests and lower fees on the marketplace.
What is the Zone of Avoidance IDO about?

According to the announcement, the IDO is on April 27th on LuaStarter. However, the IDO staking deadline to ensure your tier qualification is on April 24 at 9AM UTC.

The total ZOA token supply has 1 billion tokens. The token sale exists of a; 

  • Seed round with 80 million tokens at $0.01 per token
  • Private round with 55 million tokens at $0.015 per token
  • Public sale with 40 million tokens at $0.02 per token

To sum up, this should raise $2.425 million, per ZOA pitch deck.

How to Take Part in the Zone of Avoidance IDO on Luastarter Launchpad

To actively take part in the Zone of Avoidance IDO, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Log Into Luastarter, Create & Activate Your Profile  
  • Connect your wallet. You can use MetaMask or WalletConnect.
  • Fill in your email address and confirm the Terms of use & Privacy Policy
Step 2: Qualify for a Tier 

To qualify for a tier, you must stake LUA tokens in LuaSafe. This will secure you a minimum guaranteed allocation of the ZOA token. An explanation of this procedure is here. You must hold and stake the LUA tokens at least 3 days before the IDO starts.

For staking requirements, there are currently five tiers.

  • Earth—5000 LUA—pool weight: 1
  • Moon—25000 LUA—pool weight: 6
  • Mars—100 000 LUA—pool weight: 30
  • Galaxy—250 000 LUA—pool weight: 100
  • Galaxy PLUS—400 000 LUA—pool weight: 100

Note: the more LUA you stake, the more weight you receive in the token allocation. However, you don’t need to qualify for any tier. But your allocation is not guaranteed. Tier members receive priority.

And remember, to qualify for a tier, you have to get in before April 24 at 9AM UTC or you could get shut out.

Step 3: Commit to Buy IDO Tokens

The moment the IDO starts, change your wallet network to that of the IDO project. It is possible to commit your accepted crypto before the indicated deadline. Once done, sign the wallet transaction. The IDO opens: April 27, 2022, 9:00 AM UTC and closes: April 28, 2022, 9:00 AM UTC.

Step 4: Claim the IDO tokens 

You can claim the IDO tokens on April 29 at the TGE (Token Generation Event). First, you check how many tokens you can claim. Thereafter, click on ‘claim your reward’. The next step is to sign the transaction in your wallet. To add the token, scroll down the page and follow the instructions.

To wrap this up, here is some more token information.

  • Token Type: BEP20
  • Token Ticker: ZOA
  • Price per Token: $0.02
  • Total Allocation: 5 million tokens for the IDO
  • Vesting Schedule: 20% at TGE, 16% vesting linear over five months
  • Initial Market Cap: $530,000
  • Accepted Currency: $BUSD

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