OnlyFake's AI IDs Bypass Crypto Security Checks

AI-crafted identification documents are now easily bypassing security checks for as little as $15.

This has provided scammers with a new, stealthy tool to mask their identities, raising significant concerns across the board. Let’s explore more about OnlyFake’s AI IDs.

OnlyFake: A New Challenge in Crypto Security

The service at the center of this issue is OnlyFake, which leverages artificial intelligence to create convincingly fake driver’s licenses and passports. Fake IDs trick KYC checks on crypto platforms, risking fraud and money laundering prevention. Operating in 26 countries and accepting crypto payments, OnlyFake poses a major threat to digital finance integrity.

This development adds a new layer to the already prevalent concerns around identity fraud within the crypto sector. With the advent of technologies such as deep fakes, the ability to impersonate individuals has become increasingly easier and more convincing. The issue demands a reevaluation of crypto exchanges’ security and a push for advanced verification methods.

Rethinking Security: The Push for Enhanced Verification

A recent report shed light on the efficacy of these AI-generated fake IDs by demonstrating how an OnlyFake-created British passport successfully circumvented the identity verification process of OKX, a prominent crypto exchange. Further anecdotal evidence from users revealed similar successes in bypassing the security checks of other platforms, including Kraken and PayPal. These incidents highlight not only the potential for widespread abuse but also the urgency for exchanges to enhance their vigilance and response mechanisms to such threats.

In response to these breaches, OKX has refuted any compromise in their security protocols, asserting their firm stance against fraud and commitment to protecting their users. OnlyFake, on the other hand, claims that its products are intended for entertainment purposes and not for deceit. However, the reality of their application tells a different story, emphasizing the importance of addressing this loophole.


The emergence of AI-crafted IDs as a tool for bypassing crypto exchange security checks underscores the evolving landscape of digital security threats. It calls attention to the critical need for ongoing innovation in verification technologies and the adoption of more sophisticated measures to counteract these emerging challenges.


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