Orange Domains: Unifying Web2 and Web3

Despite its importance, DNS has stayed within Web2, separate from the emerging crypto and blockchain sectors.

However, the landscape is about to change dramatically, thanks to a groundbreaking partnership that includes Hiro Systems and Tucows. Let’s explore more about Orange Domains.

DNS: From Web2 Foundations to Crypto Frontier

Orange Domains represents a significant milestone in the evolution of digital identity and domain services. By linking DNS with BNS, a decentralized naming system built on the Bitcoin blockchain, Orange Domains enables smooth integration of Web2 services with Web3 innovations. This marks a new era where blockchain’s security boosts internet fundamentals like domain naming.

One of the most exciting aspects of Orange Domains is its ability to eliminate the confusion and complexity often associated with Web3 domain services. In the past, navigating the world of decentralized domains could be daunting for users unfamiliar with blockchain technology. Specialized browsers or plugins were required to access or manage these next-generation digital identities. Orange Domains changes all that.

Linking DNS and BNS, orange domains offer Web3 digital identities within the familiar Web2 setup without extra software. This ease of access is expected to accelerate the adoption of Web3 technologies and bring decentralized digital identities into the mainstream.

More About Orange Domains

The partnership between Hiro Systems, Tucows, and the introduction of this new development is a testament to the collaborative spirit driving innovation in the digital domain space. It merges Web2 and Web3, boosting domain service utility and security, towards a decentralized internet.

It shows digital identity and domain naming will evolve through Web3 collaboration and internet norms.

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