Playbux AMA with Sarun Vichayabhai

 Playbux is the largest web3 entertainment platform in the world. Also, it’s backed by Binance Labs and is part of VISA’s Accelerator 2023 program.

Altcoin Buzz General Manager Anindya (Ani) Baidya anchored the PARSIQ AMA session with Emilijus Pranckus, BD Executive of PARSIQ.

Segment 1: Introduction
Q – Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey with Playbux.

My name is Sarun Vichayabhai and I am the CEO of Playbux. I’m a serial entrepreneur with 27+ years in tech startups. Started with fantasy football SaaS engine at 20, serving SEA portals. Ran Wrap-Inc for 20 years, a full-service OOH company. Founded myCashback, Asia’s top e-commerce startup (voted by Technode magazine).

I have been in tech for over 30 years. I am now 49 years old. Playbux is now 2 years old and we have been no.1 in the world on the BNB chain for a while. I started Playbux because I saw a massive opportunity in the WEB3 entertainment space, I think this is going to be one of the biggest narratives this year.

Segment 2: Deep Dive
Q – Playbux is “The largest web3 entertainment platform in the world”. Can you explain this to us in detail?

We have massive on-chain numbers. We have had over 20m on-chain actions in the past couple of months. This is bigger than most L1 L2 protocols and has over 17m registered users. Probably more than any web3 projects out there now.

We are the only project with multiple x-to-earn options in this space. We have shopping, movies, music, gaming, DEFI, Trading, and many other activities. Each section is probably the biggest in the industry. For example, shop-to-earn we make $2-3m GMV monthly and have 30,000 shops globally. Also, for movies, we clock over 100m minutes of watch time every month.

Our game center has been played over 60m times. Each time costs 0.99 cents. Thats pretty good and that’s just the beginning.

Q – So if I consider a new user Journey. Where does he join, how does he interact with the platform and what options/ features does he have? Tell us about the value journey of a user.

Sure. This is pretty simple.  All you have to do is:

  • Go to playbux.
  • Sign in (With email of wallet).

In playbux, there are so many options like movies, stamps to earn, lotto pools, walk to earn, and NFTs.

Q – Playbux has a tremendous Bio, “ Backed by Binance Labs | VISA Accelerator 2023” – How has the journey been?

I think we are the only project in the world backed by Binance and VISA. Two of the biggest players in each industry. Combined with Playbux this makes us the Nª 1 in entertainment. We are planning to do a web3 wallet with VISA to be launched soon. All you need is a visa card for on-ramp/off-ramp transactions. So no one needs to have a bank anymore and you need 0 knowledge of web3.

All you need to know is how to swipe your visa card. You can do all Web2/Web3 activities in the world with a visa card. Then, when you offramp the money goes to your visa card so u can use it to buy real-world products.

Q – Now you will be launching in Bybit Launchpad on 23rd April. Bybit launchpads are highly anticipated with previous launchpads doing 15-20x. This is a great achievement. Do you have any comments?

Sure. This is a really good opportunity for Playbux. We are listing with many CEXs. For example, Bybit is one of them and they are now Nª2 in the world in spot volume. You can buy PBUX, our native token, with Bybit here.

We think that our traction is pretty good. 20m on-chain actions over 17m registered users. So, there is a report done by a 3rd party company. Let me share it:

Source: Dune

We are bigger than most listed projects in web3. I think that on-chain stats can give everyone here a rough estimate of how much X multiple we should be trading at compared to listed projects. You can join the IEO now too.

Q – What are the utilities of the PBUX token?

PBUX serves as the governing token of Playbux, offering versatile utility within the Playbux ecosystem, including its website and games. With the upcoming launch of the alpha version following the listing, PBUX’s significance will be further highlighted. Its utility spans across various applications and events, which can be categorized into four key aspects.

  • Earning

Following its launch, PBUX will serve as the central token within the ecosystem. Users will earn PBUX as rewards for utilizing services such as Shop-to-Earn or Watch-to-Earn. Subsequently, they can leverage PBUX across various services, including playing games, purchasing in-game assets and NFTs, or compounding them. This circulation of PBUX within the ecosystem aligns with the concept of ”With real income, no inflation,” ensuring a sustainable economic model.

Many earlier platforms’ ”Play to Earn” business models simply minted tokens out of thin air, distributed them to users, and attempted to burn them through gameplay. This model is inherently fragile and susceptible to failure without new spending users, ultimately succumbing to inflation. For Playbux, our approach is unique. Before distributing our native cryptocurrency, we prioritize generating revenue.

For instance, in Shop to Earn, users obtain PBUX from cashback received from merchants, which we then distribute among users. Technically, we utilize this revenue to purchase tokens and distribute them to users, ensuring that token prices simply return to the original if sold instantly.

We also generate revenue through various channels such as advertising, affiliate marketing, package sales, and zero-sum games, among others. Some services we provide do not directly generate revenue, and in such cases, we reward users with BRK. BRK serves as in-game currency that cannot be exchanged, thereby mitigating inflation concerns.

  • Spending

PBUX can be used to make purchases within the Playbux ecosystem, including game content, lotto tickets, or NFTs. During the period from the alpha to the open beta phases, the hierarchy of Playbux currency will comprise:

Pebble: The easiest currency to obtain, earned through playing games or participating in in-game events.

Brick or BRK: This is the premium currency, acquired through purchasing packages, granting access to exclusive game content. BRK is a one-way purchase and cannot be converted back into real money.

PBUX: The highest-tier currency, offering users the opportunity to purchase assets with the highest bonuses.

Certain packages or contents may only be purchasable using USD or credit card. However, users can also buy them using PBUX at a discounted rate. In summary, PBUX emerges as the most valuable currency within the ecosystem, providing users with enhanced purchasing power and benefits.

  • Gaming

PBUX will serve as the currency for participation in exclusive game content based on the zero-sum concept. Participants will be required to use PBUX as payment before playing, with all spending PBUX being aggregated into a sizable reward pool. Upon conclusion of the game, after deducting a fee, all accumulated PBUX will be distributed among players according to their rank. This mechanic will also extend to PBUX lotto pools, where users use PBUX as lotto tickets, with the fortunate winners receiving a portion of the pool.

The inaugural PBUX game, ”Conquer to Earn,” is slated to launch alongside the alpha phase. This strategic war game pits countries against each other, with the top-performing country earning a larger share of PBUX from the pool. Stay tuned for further updates on ”Conquer to Earn” and other exciting developments within the PBUX ecosystem.

  • Fees

After the alpha launch, users will have the option to play the game through both the client and website interfaces. When conducting transactions on the website, users will need to pay the usual gas fees through their wallet extensions. However, for transactions within the client, such as claiming NFTs or assets, PBUX must be deposited into the account to serve as gas fees for Web 2.0 transactions. This streamlined process ensures smooth and efficient transactions within the Playbux ecosystem.

Q – You also have a Pre-Alpha event. Can the community still participate?

Sure. The pre-alpha is the current Playbux website. Anyone can join.

Q – Tell us about your Roadmap and the way ahead
  • Alpha Launch: Q2-2024

The Alpha version of Playbux, an evolution from Pre-Alpha learnings, will feature a metaverse format with multiplayer options and a full-size island. It includes additional services and partner integrations. Participation requires at least one Playbux NFT, and it’s time-limited for feature testing and feedback collection before the open beta.

  • Open Beta: Q4-2024

Playbux’s final version, open to all, offers a multiplayer metaverse accessible via email or wallet. It integrates various Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 services with all partners onboard. Users can explore, interact, and utilize services within this virtual world.

  • Playbux Toolkit: Q1-2025

Playbux is launching an SDK program for its metaverse, enabling users to create games on mobile phones and earn from sales. Profit sharing is set at 80% for creators and 20% for Playbux. This generous split aims to attract quality creators and ensure continuous fresh content for users.

Also, we will launch a new game in a couple of days. It’s called “Conquer to earn”. Users can join forces in the battle, competing to conquer territories. Represent your country in the competition to become the nation that dominates the most territory globally. Participants from the top 10 winning countries will each receive rewards, and the top 3 countries worldwide will be honored with a building on Playbux Island to declare their victory.

We are celebrating the Playbux listing with our next feature: Live to Earn.

It’s more than just owning a space within Playbux; it’s about creating your haven, your retreat, a place you can call your own amidst the bustling activity of the Playbux island. Not only will you have the opportunity to decorate your room to your heart’s content, but you’ll also become an integral part of our investment community, sharing in the profits alongside us. These 300 rooms will pioneer the residency experience on Playbux Island, setting the stage for a new era of ownership and collaboration. It will be launched soon too.

On the other hand, we are excited to announce the debut of the Alpha stage, slated to commence in May 2024. This pivotal phase promises to be a journey of exploration and refinement, as we unveil groundbreaking features, delve into the dynamics of multiplayer engagement, and meticulously fine-tune server operations. With meticulous attention to detail, the Alpha phase will unfold across three distinct stages, each paving the way for the grand revelation of the Open Beta. Anticipate further announcements brimming with captivating insights and intriguing developments as we embark on this exhilarating adventure together.

The Alpha map multiplayer land will launch in May.

Segment 3: Community Q&A
Q1: How will Playbux integrate with other platforms and ecosystems in the metaverse?

Playbux does not plan to integrate with other platforms just yet. We believe that our offering right now is very diverse. Playbux is one of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world with multiple entertainment options available such as watch to earn, play to earn, trade to earn, shop to earn, stamp to earn, conquer to earn, and live to earn, and many other gaming options coming.

We are also launching our multiplayer version very soon which will enable user-generated content to be integrated into Playbux. This will allow us to expand endlessly without limits. Hence as of now, we have a massive roadmap ahead and we will keep adding new features from within our ecosystem first. Once our ecosystem becomes harder to expand will we consider integrating with other platforms and ecosystems.

Q2: One of the procedures to obtain a lotto ticket is by watching movies on Playbux for 15 minutes, so does it imply that users are rewarded with lotto tickets for every 15 minutes spent watching movies on your platform? 

You need to buy a special VIP pass to earn a lotto ticket every 15 minutes. Otherwise, usually, it takes 30 minutes to earn 1 lotto ticket. Each month we have over 5m lottery tickets submitted to the reward pools. We have over $30k USDT in rewards for daily weekly and monthly prizes.

Q3: How could Playbux capitalize on the attention and hype surrounding the PBUX listing to foster long-term growth and sustainability?

We have many many features planned for launching around our listing:

  • Conquer to earn: This is a super fun game where countries compete to win the most land area in the world. The winning country will earn a building in the metaverse where the community members from that country can earn free prizes. This feature will be launched before listing. Users will need to use PBUX to buy land to expand their empire in this game.
  • Alpha version: The Alpha version is the multiplayer version of Playbux where over 200 players can interact with each other per server. I think this will be a fun experience for anyone who got our NFT to walk around and show off how cool or silly they look. It is also a place where anyone in the world can come and integrate their game in Playbux and earn money from profit sharing with us.
  • Playbux Live to EarnThis is a super cool idea where users can compete to build the coolest-looking house and decorate their apartments for the chance to win votes from their friends. The coolest pad will win prizes.

We have a lot of other features coming up around the listing so we think that PBUX price will hold up extremely well. And for the longer term, we have plans to launch user-generated games where anyone can build anything in Playbux to earn extra money. This will allow us to expand endlessly.

Q4: Can you elaborate on Playbux’s Shop to Earn model and how it leverages the cashback business model to encourage users to explore web3 and the Metaverse?

“Shop to Earn” is an affiliate model where we make money from commissions from 30k shops. So, users can shop anywhere in the world from playbux and earn FREE cashback. Getting FREE money I think is the best way to onboard users and educate everyone on how to use crypto.

Q5: My first question is that after verification of my wallet how do I claim my $PBUX tokens since Playbux will hold a Launchpad on Apr 18th on Bybit? Secondly, what’s the use of this BRK balance can’t seem to make use of it.

You can see more of the Shop 2 earn feature here. You can also claim PBUX from the website.

Q6: Before we conclude. Will you want to share your socials so that our community can port over?

Sure. Here are our social media platforms:



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