3 new crypto airdrops

Airdrops have always been a very good way to introduce the token of a project so that the community learns its types of use. In the last few months, we had the Aptos airdrop, which was very successful. Sui may be coming up and some other very interesting ones.

To participate in these projects, you have to do a lot of research and know how to interact with the projects to be part of the airdrop. Therefore, in this article, we save you all that and show you 3 upcoming airdrops that will interest you a lot.

Airdrop # 1: MetaMask

MetaMask has been in the spotlight recently for all the right and the wrong reasons. Let’s talk about the wrong ones first. Consensys developed MetaMask. They got in the spotlights because they updated the privacy policy. It seems they collect a lot of information from their users, especially the IP address. However, they claim that they have always been doing this. We have a YouTube Shorts coming up in sometime that shows you how you can prevent MetaMask from collecting your personal information. 

Coming back to the good reason, and that is their upcoming airdrop. Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys, started the rumors with this tweet. But how can you actually claim the airdrop for $MASK or $MM? Let’s have a look.

  • In case you don’t have a MetaMask yet, set one up. 
  • Follow all procedures and back up the seed phrase.
  • Make swaps on their platform.  
  • Go to the portfolio site.
  • Use their bridge. You can send funds to the BNB chain, Polygon, or Avalanche. Swaps up to $10,000 are free.
  • Make swaps on as many chains as possible. Keep in mind that each transaction is around $3.
  • Go to Gitcoin grants and donate at least $10. Consensys owns Gitcoin, so another practical option to qualify.
  • Here is one for devs. Register with Infura. Consensys operates them. So, fill out a form and join their Discord channel.

It’s not a 100% guarantee that there will be a MetaMask airdrop. However, some websites mention that the potential drop may be worth between $500 to $5,000. There’s a high demand for the token and that app has high usage. So, for a handful of dollars, it may be well worth giving it a go.

Airdrop # 2: Rage Trade

Rage Trade is an omnichain ETH perpetual swap. They call themselves the most liquid and composable swap with 10x leverage. Furthermore, they have omnichain recycled liquidity and 80-20 vaults for yield generating. They built on Arbitrum. We discussed an Arbitrum airdrop not too long ago. 

And you guessed right, they don’t have a token yet. Word is that a token launch is imminent. So, early users might expect an airdrop. You may qualify if you traded or staked on the Rage Trade platform. So, how can you become part of this potential airdrop?

  • Visit their app.
  • Connect an Arbitrum wallet. MetaMask will do.
  • You can also open a small leverage trade on ETH perpetual.

This should qualify you for a Rage Trade airdrop. As you can see, That is, providing there will be an airdrop. As always, I can’t guarantee that. That is the same with all potential airdrops, including this one and the next one. That is Sturdy Finance.

Airdrop # 3: Sturdy Finance

Sturdy Finance has a new approach to lending. They offer interest-free borrowing and supplement this with high-yield lending. They can do this by staking the collateral from the borrowers into other DeFi protocols. For example, Yearn, Convex, or Lido. Now, with the earned rewards, they can pay interest to depositors. Their TVL is currently at $20 million.

Once again, they don’t have a token, but an airdrop is likely. But remember, no guarantees in this game! So, to qualify for a potential airdrop, is rather easy. Visit the app and either lend or borrow funds. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit their app.
  • Connect your Fantom wallet. fWallet is the official Fantom wallet. However, MetaMask or any other ETH wallet will also work.
  • Deposit or borrow assets on the platform.

That’s it, another easy way to secure a potential airdrop. No need to use bridges and wait for transactions to complete. 

Note: As always, this is not financial advice. Do your own research in these projects. But we wish you all the best.

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