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Other than buy and hold, what was the first method crypto users ever used to make money? Stumped? It’s mining. Bitcoin specifically and Proof of Work coins generally. But mining is hard. You need to manipulate hardware, get all the software right, maintain everything and pay energy costs, just for starters.

But one old school miner is opening up their secrets to the public. And they are making it super easy for ANYONE to get started. No equipment or special knowledge needed. Curious? Then lets meet GMT and their Greedy Machines NFT collection.

What is NFT Mining?

The Greedy Machines project is a unique spin on one of the oldest money making strategies in crypto. Bitcoin Mining. Before, there were only 2 ways people could mine to earn Bitcoin:

  1. Buy your own Antminer or other system for mining purposes.
  2. Set up with a Cloud Miner.

Both of these methods are fraught with issues. If you buy your own miner, where are you going to store it? At home? Your work? A Data Center? Then there’s your energy costs and maintenance on the machines. And that’s before dealing with Bitcoin’s mining software choices.

It takes a lot of technical know-how, even if all you did was buy a machine and hook it up to an existing mining pool. But now there is a real solution from a legitimate provider. GMT has issued a unique NFT project called Greedy Machines. This is a beautiful art project: a set of mining machine images that are backed by real computing power of fleet of devices. So basically this project allows you to mine bitcoin daily without any hassle whatsoever. And it seems that the team revolutionized the industry – as this one is a unique project, I have never seen anything like this before.

And unlike the few legit existing cloud providers, when it’s not for a fixed period, you can hold your mining power forever if you want and pass it down to future generations. GMT has been mining Bitcoin since 2017. So they’ve been at it for a long time. 

That’s good. It means they have deep experience in mining. It also means they got the kinks out of their system on how to mine well long ago. We don’t have to pay for GMT to learn how to mine Bitcoin. They already know how.

Have you ever tried mining Bitcoin or other PoW coin like Litecoin before? Tell us about your experiences or if you would mine if the tech was easier below in the comments.

GMT’s NFT Mining

So you know we are big fans of NFTs here at Altcoin Buzz. That’s no secret. Even the biggest fans we have here questions sometimes about utility. I mean how useful are they, really? So one of the best features of GMT’s mining by NFT is the utility of the NFT itself. The NFT is backed by computing power that allows you to mine effortlessly. 

And the NFT itself representing your buying power is a real innovation. Like one of our favorite areas of NFTs, the phygital sector, the NFT adds value as a digital representation of what you own. And GMT’s NFTs are even better once you see how they come to exist. Each NFT has 11 different parameters. They include:

  • Basement (floor on which the miner stands)
  • Body (miner body)
  • Buttons (control panel slot)
  • Bottom fan (cooler slot on the bottom)
  • Top fan (cooler slot on top)
  • Items (items placed near the miner)
  • Screen (miner screen)
  • Stickers (stickers on the miner’s body)
  • UI (image on the screen)
  • Upgrades (body kit)
  • Walls (background walls)

You can see this gets VERY specific about exactly what your holding is and how much mining power you own. And like all NFTs, it’s uniquely yours. There are 2 NFT series you can choose from. Then, your decisions help steer you to the size of miner you will own a part of from size XS up to 4XL, which is 128 TerraHashes per second (TH/s). That’s a LOT of power. And your Bitcoin mining rewards pay daily.

How it Works?

To make the idea of mining easier to understand and show why GMT is using NFTs, they created a game. There are actually two ways of mining with The Greedy Machines:

  1. Solo: You go it alone with the mining power you’ve bought. The NFT represents your ownership and you get paid out in Bitcoin.
  2. Pool: You are increasing your collective mining power. That makes you eligible for more rewards.

Most of the game mechanics are based on participating in mining pools. The main/active phase is clicks on the screen. So, the more a player clicks, the more likely to find a block and get BTC rewards.

The game consists of rounds, with the beginning and end determined by the real bitcoin blockchain. They monitor the calculation of real blocks in the bitcoin blockchain and receive data on the closing of the block. The end of the round comes when our server gets info about the closing of a real block in the BTC network.

By the way, right now there is a multiplier in pool mining and players can get up to x256 for the found block. The multipliers are selected in such a way that they give out double payouts on average.

Trial Period

For those who are still hesitant whether purchase or not The Greedy Machines – there is a possibility to try them off absolutely free. All new registered users and those who’ve never purchased Greedy Machines will be able to choose from 3 test NFTs (XS, S, and M) in their personal accounts under the “NFT Game” tab.

After choosing a test NFT, you will receive rewards in BTC, as if you own a real NFT. The only difference is that the payouts are saved to your virtual BTC wallet balance. Rewards will be credited to the balance and will be paid with the first real payment.

To get these rewards to your real BTC wallet, you have to buy NFT of the same or higher power and energy efficiency than your trial NFT. 

How to Buy an NFT Miner?

On the website you can buy the NFTs 2 ways. Either with USDT or the GMT token. GMT’s own marketplace has many more options. And now, I’m going to show you just how easy it is to buy mining power from GMT and buying one of their NFTs:

  1. You either use your Metamask or WalletConnect to connect to the NFT marketplace OR create a login and password OR login with your Google or FB ID. So you have a few options for set up.
  2. Now I am in the NFT marketplace and I will pick which Greedy Machine I want. I can decide based on a few parameters like:
  • Price.
  • Computing Power in TH/s.
  • Filter for other miner characteristics like where the cooling fan in the miner is.

Since I’ve decided, I click the photo and Buy Now and you see an Amazon style online checkout pops up on the right. I add my wallet address for where to receive your NFT next. Then click Check Out. Now, GMT has created an invoice for me and I can pay my USDT on either ETH, BSC, or Tron networks.

3. Now I have to pay for my NFT. They gave me a wallet address so I can use the BNB Chain to pay.

4. After processing the payment, you can see that miner 1168 is in my account and it’s 2.05 TH of mining power and I paid $64.42 plus a small amount of BNB as gas for it. The miner shows up right away as mine and you can see some nice details here like projected ROI, expected energy costs, and how long it will take to pay back the $64.42 that I invested.

Then, over on the left Dashboard, I will be able to see my mining rewards. Remember, I am earning those rewards in BTC, which is awesome, but I will need to give another wallet address for my Bitcoin to be able to collect it. Don’t forget that. And while we are at it, you should know you do have to KYC in order to claim your mining rewards. I don’t know why, but you do.

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is. If you want to get started all you need to do is click this link and give it a try today. By the way, I have by my referral link you will get a 10% discount for purchase The Greedy Machines. The discount is available for 2 weeks.

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