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LunarCrush, a platform offering social intelligence to crypto and NFT users has rolled out a new product that will make trading simpler for its users. The platform has released its trading platform LunarCrush Trade which will eliminate previous hassles attached to trading cryptocurrencies.

Since 2018, LunarCrush has focused on delivering social intelligence tools for stocks, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies, and collected over 1.5 trillion data points in 2022. Then they turned them into actionable information for users. The LunarCrush Trade mirrors the platform’s ambitions to simplify Web3.

While the platform solely focused on delivering market insights, most users struggled with trading-related problems such as where to make trades and bridge assets. The LunarCrush Trade platform provides an all-in-one solution to these challenges.

What is LunarCrush Trade?

LunarCrush Trade is an easy-to-use non-custodial, multi-chain, multi-asset trading tool. It will aid users in easily trading several cryptocurrencies across different blockchains. Users retain full control of their wallet, while LunarCrush helps with swapping and bridging. This way, users can trade with more ease and confidence.

source: LunarCrush

Users can leverage the LunarCrush Trade platform to trade more than 1,400+ tokens the platform supports and have access to the best price and route for trades. So, aside from the advantage of market insight, LunarCrush users can take quick actions based on the data they get on the platform.

Users can spot an anomaly or insight and can swap for any tokens in their connected wallet. LunarCrush trade supports a vast amount of cryptocurrencies for trading. So, a user simply makes the request and the platform sorts the rest.

With LunarCrush Trade, crypto trading is not only easier, but users now have a unique advantage. In addition, the platform saves the time spent on deciding the best place to trade or manually swap tokens.

So, LunarCrush offers both insight and a comfortable trading environment. All activities can be carried out on the LunarCrush Trade site. The best part is the LunarCrush Trade on-site features are easy to use. Furthermore, LunarCrush will provide access to the best available rates at the time.

source: LunarCrush
LunarCrush Provides Easy Access with More Updates

LunarCrush also made more changes to simplify its experience. The platform said it  “completely overhauled LunarCrush Portfolio.” However, the new LunarCrush Portfolio makes it easy for users to connect their wallets and see their holdings in one place.

The new LunarCrush Portfolio also includes a new feature, the “push notification.” So, users will receive a push for any transaction that occurs in any of their connected wallets. This feature takes security to another level.

It notifies a user each time there’s a movement in their wallet. This unique notification tool allows LunarCrush Trade users to feel safe knowing that they’ll be quickly informed about any kind of compromise on their wallet and fix it before any damage.

LunarCrush also integrated a direct fiat onramp as part of its new features. So, this helps users to move from their preferred currency and start trading through DeFi. As a result, users no longer have to find ways to convert their fiat to crypto on an external exchange before trading on LunarCrush.

Now, they can deposit their fiat currency including USD, EUR or GBP and trade on LunarCrush Trade. This saves time, fees associated with converting, and reduces the potential for errors.

In conclusion, not many crypto platforms can boast of a simplified trading platform, a notification push, social intelligence data, and a direct fiat onramp. LunarCrush is not only improving its user’s trading experience but making Web3 more appealing and less complex.

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